26 Jan 2020
January 26, 2020

Barber Chair, BDSM Experience…

Sunday 26th January 2020

Daily Blog NO.57.
When looking for a mistress that will tick all your boxes of requirements it can take some time if your very much niche driven.
Especially when you require the hairdressing fetish to be involved.

Normally if a mistress is offering the hairdressing or barbering fetish then if you go for a haircut, 9 out of 10 times you have to wear a hat when leave and get to a real barber immediately after to save embarrassment.

My Stare Is Stronger Than Words

To be stripped naked and then strapped and cuffed to an old school barbers chair before your hair is skillfully sculpted into a style that pleases you is rare as well unique.

I  know of 1 hairdresser in London that does this but only head shaves and nothing else. So if you are happy with no hair on a wintery cold day then she is the one for you.

When visiting Mistress Lucys BDSM Spa (i call it that as I do lots of different beauty services as well as barbering and BDSM) You would come to my home.

A discreet street that is quiet and friendly with lots of free parking on the nearby road. It would be like coming to visit a friend with a dark side.

You would be shown upstairs where I have an open-planned (3 bedroom and a bathroom knocked into one space) entertainment room that gives a big airy (excuse the pun) space to have some fetish fun in.

I have an old school barbers chair, Portable backwash basin and a portable setting dryer (for all those sissy maids).

Hanging up I have numerous capes and aprons of all colours and different materials that I am making and adding to every week.

I am not a mistress that starts the session straight away as that could un-nerve you and ruin the whole experience. We will sit on the settee in the waiting area and chat for a while to chill and relax.

Then when I see you are at ease I then will say “Give me your money and get naked”. I’m joking but if you haven’t offered the tribute by the time we start then I hint by just say “pop it on the table before you get undressed”.

In some cases, if you would like it to happen, I will undress you in a mistress fashion but on the first time, we meet I am very mild so you can get used to me.

Once you have taken off your dignity (clothes) and left it on the settee I may circle you and look you up and down without a word.

Then cuff your wrists and ankles whilst your standing in the middle of the cold drafty room just to see your togger shrink (I’m joking the heating is on to keep the temperature at a comfortable level) but I will still have you stand in the middle of the room to make you feel slightly uncomfortable from my stares at your body parts.

The adrenaline rush that flows through your veins gives you a thrill ontop of the barbers experience excitement = very hard…imagination.

When I beckon you over to the chair with my eyes you shuffle over in anticipation whilst thinking “WHAT THE HELL IS SHE GOING TO DO TO ME”.

A Chair To Serve Many A Service

To the individual fetishist the thought of experiencing their niche is what really excites them. Everything else that happens is a bonus.

As you sit down on to the cool PVC seat the hairs on your body start to tingle but when you lean back on the upright part of the chair then the hormones start dancing.

The vision of your naked body in the barber’s chair reflected back at you is very off-putting but you cant help but stare.

The small white lights that frame the mirror give your skin a warm haze of delightment which funny enough you find very easy on your eye.

As you sit and wait for Mistress lucy to wash her hands in the cloakroom behind you, you gaze around the mirror at the aprons and capes hanging up.

So many textures and colours, that is going to be gliding over your bare flesh and roughing up your natural body hair. OOOh by now Mr P is really twitching uncontrollably.

The loud footsteps of the powerful lady herself edges closer towards you which breaks your concentration on your thoughts.

She stands behind you, raises her hands to your head and starts to lightly run her fingers through your unruly hair. This ignites what can only be the strongest feeling you have in your body.

You have to close your eyes and think of mickey mouse in large wellington muddy boots (or if that turns you on then something else that turns you off).

When she picks an apron to wear to shield herself from you over gown mop style hair she turns her back to you. You cant help your manly instincts but to look at her bottom that is hidden from her tight trousers but the outline is still visible.

“Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse,” you say to yourself as you don’t want it to be over before it’s even started.

The apron was all glossy and black, made out of thick PVC material with cream attachments around her neck and ties for the waist area to keep it close to her body for extra protection.

Pretty In Pink

Mistress choose a pink satin cape to protect you that had a tight pink collar (to match the material). It was very unique and never like you had seen before.

You weren’t against the colour but somehow how it complimented your skin tone which made you smirk to yourself.

As she swished the cape up and over your head to cover you from the front. The satin material softly caressed your thighs and then chest as she attached the collar under your chin and tightly around your neck.

Together with the cuffs on your wrists and ankles, you were definitely going nowhere this afternoon.

As she reached into her boxes of dark and wonderful playthings she pulled out some soft black rope to attach the cuffs to the chair.

From what you saw in the boxes it made you have an idea of what could be happening later or on another session.

As your hair fell from her fingers with each section that she took some brushed against the cape and apron. Hair in motion generally fascinated you but this time you couldn’t stop looking at it.

The way it flowed in the air and attached itself to mistresses apron at her chest. She caught you looking, so for punishment without mentioning anything she leant down and grabbed forcefully your dancing member to break your stare.

It shook you up a bit as you were in your own little world of what was inside mistresses blouse. From that moment onwards you stayed alert as another grab like that the fantasy was over.

The time passed so quickly with everything that happened. It astonished you how it all flowed so well and how mistress knew from your body language what to do and when to do it in the right way and manner.

The ending was teased to perfection and left you quivering for moments after with goosebumps.

When you were allowed to be released and you were in the shower washing away all your naughty thoughts of the session you felt a haze of euphoria flow over you.

An experience that you had been looking for for ages, even years. Once you have a mistress that makes you feel that way, keep her for your own little your moment.

As if not, Mistress Lucy Is unique and you will never find another mistress like her…

www.onlyfans.com/mistresslucylew – For more risky videos and photography that are not allowed on here