06 Dec 2021
December 6, 2021

F is for Forniphilia…

Monday 6th December 2021

Blog No.144/ Blogmas No.6

As I have been searching through the fetishes I have come across some very strange but interesting ones but also some ‘wow, really’ ones. Some that will turn your stomach in the sickest ways but for me to write about it I have to agree with it in some way.

Today is F for Forniphilia…
This confused me at looking at the title as it is nothing like the fetish it is supposed to be. Forniphilia is the love of being human furniture. 

Being under my shoe boy, where you deserve to be…

I have come across some clients that have wanted to serve me to anything I will say. Yes even resting my tired feet on them on all fours to be my footstool. If I’m feeling extra wicked I will tell them to lay flat on the floor face down and then i will place my feet on them and push them into the floor. Depending on how naughty or good they have been.
The thought of a sub wanting to please their mistress is a pleasure for them but also arousing in all ways of the word.
Obey Your Mistress Or Else…
Having to be still in a certain position is stressful on the body as well as the mind. To be in one position for a length of time you have to go into a subspace where your mind is detached from the aches of your body. 
Whether you laying on a carpet, stone, or wooden floor it will be uncomfortable to the limbs at any length of time. That is what your mistress wants, so you will obey her. 
If you are interested to be my footstool or seat for your punishment or pleasure then CONTACT ME and I will see if you are of adequate sub material that I can use.
Take care in all you do and stay safe. Talk again tomorrow in the next blogmas if not before.

Friday 6th March 2020

Daily Blog NO.97.
When I first started in the fetish industry I never thought that I would develop a relationship with my equipment like I have done.

There are certain items that I love more than others because they have just been more attractive to my eye and have performed well.

Mr Whippy In Well Deserved Hands

My canes have been the most appealing because they are a gorgeous piece of wood to handle.

Whether they are Bamboo, Rattan or Walnut with a lacquered finish for hygiene, they only perform as well as the handler.

My fist cane (2011) was a cheap bamboo cane that I got online. I didn’t know a lot about the punishment niche so I got what I could afford at the time.

It worked well for me then but as the years past and I developed a deeper relationship with corporal punishment.

So I decided to invested in better quality canes that where much more beautiful to handle and to look at.

I don’t like to give my canes the proper names that people know them by but I do give them nicknames that resemble how they perform under my control.

My greatest love is Mr Whippy because he is a fine and a magnificent performer.

Thin in length but very strong. Pliable and versatile to what my wrist requires of him.

He can give a sensual sting to the flesh that will leave a pinking of the area or a cracking impact that will leave a welting to the skin in 1 strike.

Continuous strikes from a powerful swing can guarantee scaring.

Mr Whippy will only give you what you deserve or what your boundaries will allow.

The one thing I know with him is that he means business when he has his mistresses fingers wrapped around his base..

So if you have been a naughty boy that need to be put in his place contact me and it can be arranged.

15 Feb 2020
February 15, 2020

Why Does Punishment Hurt So Much…

Saturday 15th February 2020

Daily Blog NO. 77.
Punishment hurts in so many different ways, you are having it performed on you because you have done something wrong.
Many like to have this one to them to give them pain because it’s their fetish, kink, turn on.

The punishment all depends on the wrongdoing they have done. We are not talking about crime but a milder version. Although if people that had done something drastically wrong came to a mistress and not wasted taxpayers’ money by going to court etc it would teach a lot of people not to do it again.

The punishment, in that case, would be bounded and gaged corporal punishment to the highest level on whatever part of the body that committed the crime.

Your Choice…

For example, rapists then 500 thrashes on their member of the hardest strokes, Stealing then (depending on the offense) 50 to 1000 strokes to the palms of both the hands. Injury by kicking, 200 or more thrashes to the soles of the feet.

You may think that the rapist should get more thrashes but if you have ever been thrashed or hit on the member then you know even 10 thrashes is painful enough.

The punishment is worse when the individual is tied up and restricted, which they should be as I can imagine that they wouldn’t want this to happen to them on this level even in a kinky session.

The choice is a prison sentence or a trashing of excruciating pain for 30 minutes plus on the body part that did the crime.

The person who will perform the punishment will be the person (or a close relative of the person if death or disablement takes place) who had the crime committed on or against them.

Brutal but justifyingly satisfying I think.

Pain, as I have mentioned before in a previous blog, can be satisfying if you come to a mistress for pleasurable BDSM etc…

I have asked many of my extreme clients why they like the pain to such an extreme level  They have replied, to bring back memories and to help them go deep into their subspace where extreme pain can only take them…

If you would like a role-play scenario then contact me and we can converse more on the subject.

I will look forward to receiving your inquiries…



13 Jan 2020
January 13, 2020

Why Is Punishment An Addiction?….

Monday 13th January 2020

Daily Blog NO.44.
Punishment brings back memories of your past in a way you will never forget. Some times it is hurtful punishment when it’s not your fault and other times its pleasurable punishment. This is when it turns into a fetish that you crave that feeling again and again and go back for more.

Do you want to feel the backside of my cane boy!!!!

It can be a feeling of being at school and being naughty just so a teacher you fancy will take to you as an individual because you have been disrupting the piece during class time.

She calls you back after class to give you a telling off and a time to come back for detention.

In the olden days when caning or a ruler over the hands or backs of legs was aloud for the high pain threshold children, they would be naughty just so they could feel the sting of the cane etc on across the palm of their hand.

If they had been very naughty they would be invited to the headmistresses office for a bottom caning that may only be 5 strikes of the thin long implement but the sting that it would produce would stay with you for days.

Punishment is all in the mind.

Or the straps across your weak feeble bottom!!!!

When someone tells you that you have done something wrong that is only what they interpret as being wrong.

To you, you misbehave because you want to have that sting in your cheeks feeling again like you did when the whip caressed your bare skin with Venum in its vicious tongues

That feeling that lasted longer than the moment it happens so you can re-en-act that precise moment in your head over and over again.

Punishment is an addiction in a way that you will only understand because every reason is unique to the individual.

If this topic is one of your fetishes do contact me to talk it over more about putting it into reality…..


01 Oct 2019
October 1, 2019

Shopping Trip With One Of My Maids Kathy…

Tribute Gift Or Not!!!!!!!

When I need to go on a specific shopping trip I always insist on having a maid to carry my bags.

Northampton is not the best place to buy what I need but I have regular shops I go to if I can’t find what I want online.
This occasion was different as I didn’t need anything for myself particularly but one of my long term maids (that i named Kathy) needed to be spruced up as we have a few photo sessions that she needs to look good for. It has been a while and I don’t like shabby looking maids.
Some time throughout that day Kathy would get a bit too comfortable in conversation with me. So I then would have to put her back in her place. I am a down to earth Mistress when spending longer than normal times with me it can become a rather enjoyable experience. Also if it is away from my establishment and in certain environments then I do relax a little more and enjoy our time together but It does not matter if we were in a public place or not I am still her Mistress and she should not forget that.
I do not expect to be called Mistress in public, Lucy is fine but the respect should still be there.
We were out for 5-6 hours and bless her little feet, I did wear them out. Carrying all those bags tired poor Kathy out.
I did see one pair of boots that I tried on and I said that I would allow her to buy them for me as a tribute gift if the fit was comfortable enough but unfortunately, they were not.
As we were coming to the end of our shopping trip I had to nip into the supermarket where I allowed her to pay for my grocery shopping instead.
She was very grateful and will look forward to the next time I allow her to tribute me again.

Head School Mistresses Cane

As Kathy had been disrespectful to her Mistress earlier that day her punishment would be equivalent to the sharpness of Mistresses tongue that put her back in her place. The punishment would be 10 hard strikes of the Head School Mistresses Cane to her bare bottom with no breathers in between. In the normal session, Mistress would allow her enhancers to help her take longer and harder punishments. As this was a short, sharp and to the point punishment it was administered raw and without any help.
No one forgets one of Mistress Lucy’s punishments as I do not allow disobedience or if you do forget then you are quickly awakened the second time and then you remember how your bottom felt after the first punishment.
Gluten for severe punishment if you’re a repeat offender.
My motto is and has always been ‘Be Careful What You Ask For’…….If you don’t believe me,  come on then……..try me….if you dare!!!!!!