18 Dec 2021
December 18, 2021

R is for Restriction…

Saturday 18th December 2021

Blog No.156/ Blogmas No.18

Restriction is a small word for such a big fetish. To Anyone that doesn’t know much about it, they would think wrong things about it. If you are really into it then it can be very arousing and erotic if you are in the right frame of mind.

Mental restriction…

I Will Restrict You, Mind, Body, And Soul…

For someone that is not familiar with their mistress, mental restriction is the best way to ease their uncertainty. To tell them to put their hands in a certain position is much more comfortable for their ease so that if they don’t want to continue or feel they need to move their arms ect they can.

Cuffs and Rope…

When they are happier in your presence then cuffs and rope can

Restrictive Hogtied…

be introduced. A connection between the mistress and sub is essential for the session to flow just right when using physical restriction equipment. Depending on the type of cuffs you can have the wrists and ankles immobilized separately or hogtied and have them linked together. This all depends on the mobility of the subs joints. I am all for pleasurable pain that lasts for hours but not pain that they have difficulty with for days after the session has ended.

Suspension restriction…

Now, this is very exciting to use in a session. Again depending on the sub’s mobility and fitness is depending on what position you are able to suspend them in. I have hooks in the ceiling of my dungeon so this is possible. Like Japanese rope art if you suspend the sub in a beautifully decorative way the sub’s limbs will be restricted but they

Nipple Chopsticks May Not Seem Much But Have You Tried Them???

have no cushioning from the rope on their body. So if the sub is inexperienced this could be very uncomfortable for them. The heavier the body the more painful the rope will be on the flesh. Restrictive rope art is much more pleasant on a bench as your body weight will not discomfort you at all.

Smaller Restrictive Equipment…

When a sub needs to be put in restraints it doesn’t only have to be cuffs or rope there are lots of other ways. Cuffs can mean Metal Thumb Cuff, Metal Handcuffs ( police role play), Leather Cuffs, Armbinder, Humbler, Ball Crusher of multiple materials, Testicle Weights, Chastity Devices of all shapes and designs. The list can go on. 

Leather Body Bag With Detachable Hood…

Restriction is applied with this body bag. From your neck to feet it has multiple leather strapping to further restrict all movement. If you have an itch then you have to sort it before your incased. To have your full body in restrictive wear it can be very exciting to have your control taken away. To be teased from all angles and not be able to do anything about it can blow your mind. If you have fully given your whole being to your mistress for the session it makes the time

Full Restrictive Leather Body Bag With Detachable Hood

together that bit more intense. Leather has no give in it, unlike faux leather or material. So if you are getting your body bag customized then be sure to add on a few inches in places so it fits you with no sore patches. 

Lucy’s Fetish Closet…

If you wish to have one of these leather body bags including a hood yourself CONTACT ME and we can discuss your requirements as they are customized. If you wish to change the design that is possible.

Restriction is For Everyone…

Even if it does not appeal to you there are ways around these things to take part in this but by your rules. I do my session by asking and fully understanding what the client wants first before even walking into the dungeon. Restriction can take place anyway. It does not have to be a BDSM setting. CONTACT ME if you are interested and we can discuss it further.
17 Jan 2021
January 17, 2021

Which Corset Is For You?

Sunday 17th January 2021

Blog No.132.

A Comfortable 28 to 29 Inch Waist. Anything tighter And I Won’t Be Able To Breathe Properly

Well now, this is a subject I am extremely passionate about. I don’t get passionate about anything these days but corsets I definitely do.

The first corset goes back to the 16th century that was worn by men and women in different outfits. Men for battle and women as undergarments to shape themselves for the outer clothing.

These days Corsets are worn in many different ways but mainly to give the women that hourglass figure.  We all crave to look like Dita Von Teese or close enough but we are not all shaped that way.

Corsets come in all different shapes and sizes but the main reason it’s worn is to give the wearer the feel-good factor.

I love my corsets because whatever shape I have been throughout the years it will always sinch in my waist and give me that bottom-heavy look that many don’t want.

I think these days the trend is coming back again as it did in the 1950s and 60s. Don’t get me wrong as the corset has never gone out of fashion as there’s always a female that wants to make her figure tighter than it naturally is.

There have always been certain years or decades that the cinched in the waist was more popular than others. I was watching a documentary on Danny La Rue last night. Men have to wear undergarments as they don’t have the waist and hips etc that a female has.

Now when wearing a corset for the first time it will be a learning curve for you. It is like you have to learn to breathe again. Comfort is the main thing because if you can’t breathe properly then you will feel very uncomfortable and dizzy.

Extreme Corsetry

There’s no point in being as silly as some females will go to even removing ribs to get smaller. This female in the photo was on a Tyra Banks chat show and her waist measured 18 inches but inside the corset, it is 15 inches.

Ribs are there for a reason, to protect the internal organs and if you move them around then you looking for trouble. The less time in hospital the better I always say.

The love of corsets can be so much fun though without being too serious about it. There are loads of different designs and materials that they are made out of.

A while ago a mentioned about I wanted to add a store to this website so you could purchase videos and photos. That is not possible.

So I have decided to make a completely new one (still keeping this one but i will link the 2 websites together through links you can click onto.

It will be similar to this one as in blogs and real life photography but it will be predominately an online store.

If there is anything you would like for me to look into researching for you to purchase then by all means let me know.

The content will be equipment and toys, corsets, compression garments, and shapewear and crossdressing items (silicone skin wear for body shaping as in boobs, butts, and bodysuits).

I think with the way this world is carrying on my appointments are going too far and few between so I am putting my knowledge to better use.

Each product that I will advertise will have a demonstration video (a handling video not how to use a dildo) and my opinion of it.  Its to help you get a realistic view of the item and not just a flat photo like some websites that a cold and collective and have the bare essential details on it.

It is in working progress at the moment so I will keep you updated as and when it will be live for you to view.

So I will look forward to hearing from you if you have anything to ask me.

Stay safe and keep smiling…

03 May 2019
May 3, 2019

OMG What a Wriggler i Have Here…

Now I like to have fun but this particular day when I received an inquiry I wasn’t expected to have so much fun.
When we had had our time conversing of the fundamentals the day came to see if he was all he said he was.
When he entered my establishment he stepped inside my front door very nervously (because I had shaken him up a bit from the chat we had the day before) “Good afternoon” I said looking at him in my intimidating way.
‘Bless’ i thought ‘a short one, all the more fun lol’.
As he followed me up the stairs to my entertainment floor I could hear his in-trepidation in his footsteps one by one, actually expecting him to say “sorry I can’t do this” and ask to be let out but he didn’t.
As I turned to look at him as i walked into the middle of the room the fear that he once had turned slightly to ‘oh bugar what have I got myself into look’.
We chatted a little to calm his nerves and then i said out of the blue in my Mistress voice (I am kind and me when you first enter my property to help you relax but if your here for a mistress Lucy session then your know in my voice when she has appeared) “Take all your clothes off and put them by the banisters out of the way”. Now the fear of God appeared once more in his eyes. He was obediently submissive which was a very good start.
As I went to the bathroom to wash my hands (i am very ocd on cleanliness and hygiene, no short cuts on anything like that) I watched his body language to see how I was going to plan my next move.
I abruptly said “stand up straight boy (even though he was 47 years old i call everyone boy when i feel like it). He stood bolt upright as if he was in the army line ready for inspection.
My black shine stiletto court shoes clicked on the wood floor with each step i took closer to him. I circled him and looked him up and down to make him even more nervous than before.
“Don’t look at me boy” i said “Did i ask you to move your eyes my direction?”
“No” he said with a quiver in his feeble little soft-spoken voice. I laughed as i turned my back and walked away.
Whilst my thoughts turned to which way i was going to take this pathetic boy through an emotional roller coaster i could hear his breath getting erratic.
As the bdsm bed was behind him where he was standing i said in a very authoritative voice ” Lay on the bed face up”. He did as i told him a bit quicker than i was expected but i think he just wanted to hide his arousal from me as he didn’t know what i was going to do next but i wasn’t having any of it as i wanted it all on show for me to tease.
Whilst conversing on the phone the day before he told me what he liked and disliked so i had an idea without having to ask within the session.
Restriction was his thing and Wow was he a wriggler.
I didn’t want to tie him to tightly on his first visit and frighten him off from returning another time but i sure knew that it would have to be much more heavier bondage restriction next time.
Throughout the session, i teased him in my mistress way but also found his sensitive spots. One thing i did love doing and that was anally stimulating him. I would slowly push a finger in and move it around and then gradually increase the number of fingers to stretch him slightly. When i was happy with the amount of stretching to the size of my smallest silicone dildo i would change fingers to toys. Everything condomed obviously for hygiene.
I applied ky lubricant to the end of the dildo and gentle slide it in and then when i knew he was enjoying it i would pull it out at top speed. lololol OMG he wriggled and jumped and moved all over the place in excitement. I had to hold onto the bed in case he tipped it over.
Through out the session i continued to do this spontaneously going from one antic to another surprising him each time.
He never said he disliked giving oral to toys so as soon as I had pulled the dildo from his arse hole i pushed it in the mouth. As he couldn’t see what I was doing it was a big surprise. I found out very quickly that he did not like the taste of his own poop lol but I found it extremely funny.
This pathetic little wriggler sent me a text later on that day (as he left me at the end of the session in total disorientation and was cum drunk) saying how much he enjoyed the way I am and control the whole situation. He said every emotion was touched on in ways that he never thought he could experience.
He has been back to me 2 more times since and each time has got more intense with hoods, neck braces and poppers and yes the restriction has got a lot more heavy handed. He is not left marked in any way but i am mentally tattooed on to his memory forever and a day.