Friday 27th December

Daily Blog NO.27.
Branding…What is it and why do it? This can be performed in many different ways and for many different reasons.

It can be done through physical action EG: a shown tattoo/invisible tattoo or a burn mark/mental branding.

Temporary Branding

It all depends on the personal situation the branded is in.

When it comes to being owned by the mistress you show undying loyalty to, you both have to come to an understanding which is going to be convenient for both of you.

If the branded is in a relationship then a visible tattoo is not going to work. Yet a temporary/invisible tattoo or a mental branding will work.

A temporary tattoo is drawn on with lipstick, lipliner or eyebrow pencil can easily be wiped off with a wet wipe at the end of the session.

An invisible tattoo is permanently drawn on in white or light ink in a place that is not visible on a regular place. If you were to have it on your arm and although it is not visible without a tan when you go on holiday and catch some colour in a hot country then it may show up more than you imagine it to.

Mental branding is a verbal agreement that is not legal but stays between the mistress and sub.

No one is marked in any way but your mistress will say things to you that if you do not do as you are told there will be consequences.

To some of the more extremists a burn brand or a visible tattoo with an appropriate image that signifies your bond between the mistress and sub can be very possible.

I have also seen examples of piecings as a brand. You have to be very true to your loyal choice to have this done as this is more painful than a tattoo.

There are many more extreme ways to brand your body but to extreme for me to mention.

Think before you act on any of these things as once done they will physically or mentally scare you if taken away…