Sunday 17th January 2021

Blog No.131.

Everyone has their own funny quirks about them but when it comes to fetishes that’s another ball game completely (excuse the pun).

Before – Without Compression garment

Fetishes can make you have all different emotions and I have developed a love of a particular fetish over the past few months, well 2 actually but they both come under one title.


Now to many restrictions means being tied down and unable to move. Yes, that is right but too many that have sessioned with me they will know that restriction includes compression.

So for me to say I have been obsessed with restriction lately is an understatement. I have also become introduced to the fetish of compression as well which comes in the form of shapewear. This takes shapewear to another level that I thought I would not like but…I do very much.

It is a company that I was looking at because of a youtube video that I was watching one night. I like to watch plastic surgery documentaries, not for the construction side but the after-effects (what they look like before and after). It’s fascinating to me.

After – With Compression Garment. Not A Lot Of Difference But Just A Smoother Outline

I would never get anything done myself unless I really had to.

The garments that they are told to wear after a liposuction procedure, for example, looks really uncomfortable as it takes all your effort to get into it but when they are in it it looks amazing.

So I decided to investigate these garments and whether normal people ( as if I’m normal lol) can buy them or if only plastic surgery clients are allowed.

I found out that anyone can buy them. So I did my homework on the best one and decided to make a purchase.

There was anything from thonged panty girdles (tummy panel from hip to hip) to full-body compression suits (everything held in from neck to ankle).

Whatever you wanted they could make for you. I was in my element as when a woman gets to a certain age a little help goes a long way. Especially when she’s not a gym user anymore.

So I decided to get a 3/4 leg, high waisted bodysuit with a high back and straps. It sounds old ladyish but I don’t care. If it holds me in in all the right places and makes me look and feel good in my outfits then that’s all that matters.

I’m not having to undress for anyone. Clients tribute me to keep my clothes on and want to see me look fabulous in my outfits. So it doesn’t matter what I look like underneath my uniforms.

You never know, heavy-duty armor might be a turn on to some people lol. Unfortunately, we all aren’t perfect, and if we were what a boring world this would be. Being unique is beautiful in many ways.

So I had to wait a couple of weeks as it was coming from America but it was well worth the wait. As I opened up the envelope I pulled out this garment that I could only describe as ‘big enough to fit a broom’ size.

OMG, I said looking at it in disbelief. “That’s never going to fit my big arse,” but I was so wrong. It took a bit of pulling and pushing but in the end, I got it on.

From the homework that I had done of watching females putting on their compression garments, they had said that a good quality one will take a bit of getting used to.

When it’s new it is very tight but each time you put it on it stretches it out a bit and by the 4th time (which was the 4th time for me) it will be much more comfortable to get on.

I sometimes use mine with a waist trainer which holds up the bodice part of the garment but that is only when I don’t want to have the straps showing when I’m in a see-through blouse or strappy top. The straps are removable like suspenders on a corset.

The compression suit is reinforced with extra panels in places that are needed EG: Stomache, sides of thighs, and under the shoulder blades on the back.

When you’re squeezed in the bodysuit the excess flesh has to go somewhere. So to have the extra height at the back section is a godsend.

You may not think it but when you in a suit like this you will understand.

I am going to look into purchasing another but a short leg one as the 3/4’s version shows below a skirt heam. It is fabulous for trousers or if I’m wearing boots with a skirt but I can’t hide it when wearing a skirt if I want to wear shoes.

Oh, dear now you know my secrets to my new improved shape. I would love to say that I have lost weight and toned up at the gym but this pandemic has ruin life in one way or another for many.

Not sure I would say that I have turned into Mrs Doubtfire (Robin Williams in drag) but enhancements are for the better.

So for all you large panty and compression garments lovers, this one is for you lol

Oh, BTW this can be for women or men as it has an open gusset for easier bathroom trips as you wouldn’t want to get in and out of this too many times a day.

I wanted to try this underwear for me but also for my crossdressing clients. It will need to be customized so it’s for your body shape but will help to get that hourglass figure we all adore to have.

I also have a lot more to say about corsets etc so I will put together another blog. Lookout to see more on how my mind works, even though lockdown.

Stay safe and talk soon…