15 Dec 2019
December 15, 2019

Breathe Control, Face Sitting and Smothering…

Sunday 15th December 2019

When a client inquires about Breath Control they nearly always ask about smothering and facesitting. To an experienced player in the BDSM world, they will understand that facesitting has nothing to do with a sexual act of oral.

I do ask if the client is good at underwater swimming. This shows that they can hold their breathe for a quiet a while.

Latex Smothering/Breathe Control

To perform a session of breathe control it’s not just sitting on their face and watching television.

Like any bespoke fetish, there is an art to it.

Smothering is also a form of breathe control but it is much more intense.

it is completely covering the head to make you feel totally intoxicated with the situation.

Feet Breath Control

It can be performed with any part of the body that will cover the nose or mouth or both.

In some extreme sessions, it can include the neck and airways. I have to be careful how I say this for acceptable wording but you know what I mean.

Everyone has their own particular way they like their fetishes to be performed.

The items of clothing can make a big difference also. EG: In a cotton shirt/skirt/trousers or jeans can very breathable but PVC or Latex is not.

So if you would like me to test your airways contact me and we can converse about this topic and more…