29 Jun 2022
June 29, 2022

Mistress Lucy First Brand T-Shirt…

Wednesday 29th June 2022

Blog No.169

After being a Mistress for the past 15 years I now have decided to produce some merchandise. The topic of my career is very controversial on many social media and selling platforms. So as you see I have designed it very plainly. People that know me and know of me they will understand what the design means and what it is saying without a lot of words.

When I started to look through my photos I had to pick carefully. Anything that may cause offense to the timidest of people is not advisable for the first item on my list of products.

I thought I would play it safe at the beginning and pick a t-shirt to show my new brand off with. The only place the brand name will be seen is on the inside label at the neck collar.

I have advertised on eBay to start with but if you would like to buy through an anonymous bank transfer (no name will be shown on your statement but it is my account) then that is fine as well. Contact me and we can talk about it then.

I am looking into other products but definitely more t-shirts. The thing is, for me to pick a slogan on the t-shirt I have to be careful as if it gives too much away no one will want to wear it.

Visiting me is normally kept a secret so when you wear my branded t-shirt it has to be in a way you know and anyone that sees you wearing it knows but it doesn’t give the absolute topic away if you know what I mean.

So keep watching this space to see what new products I will come up with. I will be blogging about every one of them as i put together the designs and load them to my eBay store.

Take care in all you do sweetie and talk soon.

P.S. Just to let you know…the pricing on eBay is in dollars with free postage. They are printed in England so it should be an average delivery time (2 to 5 days) after they have been completed and packaged and ready to post to you.

I have had t-shirts from the same brand for years and they are made with a nice soft non-iron cotton fabric. Hang them up and they will be crease-free when dry. Also, a major plus is the image and wording do not crake when pulled tight or with movement. Even over the past 4 years that I have had my first t-shirts from them. I am mentioning this from my own experience.

Any questions please contact me as I will always be pleased to hear from you.