Friday 10th January

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Everyone likes to be touched in one way or another but not everyone likes to be tickled. It is an acquired feeling and like marmite, you either love it or hate it.

This is a difficult topic to find a photograph for. So please use your imagination to imagine what it would feel like to be tickled while you read through my blog.

This is a known fetish where individuals long to be tickled to the extreme sense of laughter.

Touching on the sensitive parts of their body gently at first and building up to a feeling of extreme hilariousness and maybe even wetting themselves a little or a lot.

If tickled in the same area for too long your body gets used to the feeling and after a while, it is not ticklish and you become immune to the touch.

To change frequently to different parts of the body keeps the tickle sensation much more alive but do be careful where you tickle as it can trigger a fitting sensation on rare occasions.

Although, tickling yourself is impossible because the brain is too clever. The brain will not tell your body part that you’re going to tickle yourself but if someone else is tickling you you won’t know where and when it is going to happen.

So then when it happens the brain will send that trigger to tell you to react in a certain way.

Now touching a body part EG: the back can be very sensitive. When giving a massage to your partner, running your hands of the area can turn into tickling without you even trying.

If they are extra relaxed then their nerve ends can be brought closer to the surface of their skin which will make them much more sensitive to your touch.

So whoever your touching and teasing be kind to them as without you realising it can turn into a tickle in a split second.

The body is an amazing but comic thing sometimes but very enjoyable if you’re in the right frame of mind.

If you are interested in a tickle torture or massage session contact me and we can converse more on the topic…



04 Dec 2019
December 4, 2019

Sounding has nothing to do with sound…..

Wednesday 4th December 2019
Postmas NO.4.
The world of BDSM and mistressing is extremely larger than anyone can imagine.
It can range from the mild teasing to things that are best not mentioned as they are on the cusp of being taboo. I don’t want to get myself into trouble.

Hygiene is always a must with any toy

I  will only talk with the clients that are interested in those type of fetishes.

The one topic of fascination that has been popular with my clients is ‘sounding’.

This is normally a medical practice that is performed to gently increase the urethra to take out any obstruction.

Many guys have found this to be an arousing stimulation (obviously not when they are with the doctor but when they are with their mistress).

It tests your will power and how long your hormones will keep you on the edge of climaxing, never tipping you until mistress says you can or lets you.

I am into the art of edging and sensing what your body is saying to me. How you react at every motion I make with the sounding implement. As it stroke the inside of your uretha with the tender loving care that it needs. Heightening your sensitivity with every millimeter it moves. Slipping and sliding with the lubricant will drive you crazy as you’ve never felt before

Electric Sounding Stimulation

I have added to my collection of sounding equipment over the years and just recently added some new rosebud implements.

The varieties come in all different lengths and shapes eg: straight, curved, bumpy (I’m using novice language so everyone understands what I mean).

They are all made for extra stimulation including the electric stimulation sounding plug.

So if you are interested in exploring your taboo side with me or even start because you haven’t tried anything like this before, contact me and we can talk further

I will look forward to conversing more with you about the kinky side of your fantasies……..