11 Dec 2021
December 11, 2021

K is for Katoptronophilia…

Saturday 11th December 2021

Blog No.149/ Blogmas No.11

If I was to ask you what fetish would you pick for the letter K, What would you say? I have looked for as many as I can find. I am not going to tell you what the meanings are. That is your homework if you are really interested. Some of them are very normal…normal as can be anyway.

Here are the 7 that I found…
  1. Katoptronphilia
  2. Kinesopphilia
  3. Kleptophilia
  4. Kleptolagnia
  5. Klismaphilia
  6. Knismolagnai
I did find knives being a fetish also but that one I do not play with at all. So which one do you think I choose to blog about for day 11 of blogmas?
Most Interesting…
I found that knismolagnis was the most fascinating. I can not tolerate this done to me. as I am sensitive all over. Yes, you have guessed it it’s Tickling.
I have taken tickle torture sessions for years and every one of the bookings has been different.

A Perfect Position for Tickle Torture

The reason I say this is because if I have the same client come back to me for a repeat session because he loved it the last time.
You are not to react the same every time. your sensitivity is ruled by what type of day week or month you have had. If work or home life has been getting to you it can affect how locked in you are to your imagination and fetish subspace at the particular moment. 
At the beginning of every session in front of the client, turn down the sound on my phone to nothing. I do this to hopefully give a sign to my client to do the same thing. 
This is because if their phone goes off in the middle of the session it distracts their concentration. I like to give a quality session and when they are distracted it can end the urge to be tickled.
Mistress Lucy’s Technics…
I have many technics to break through the tickle zone in certain areas of the body. Some people aren’t ticklish but the clients that request to have an actual tickle session are and very much so.
I will not go into how I conduct my session but for clients that play hard to get in certain zones, they are the more interesting bookings. I love a challenge.
Are you brave enough to partake?…
So for anyone that is willing to challenge me CONTACT ME and we can converse further 

Friday 10th January

Daily Blog Extra
Everyone likes to be touched in one way or another but not everyone likes to be tickled. It is an acquired feeling and like marmite, you either love it or hate it.

This is a difficult topic to find a photograph for. So please use your imagination to imagine what it would feel like to be tickled while you read through my blog.

This is a known fetish where individuals long to be tickled to the extreme sense of laughter.

Touching on the sensitive parts of their body gently at first and building up to a feeling of extreme hilariousness and maybe even wetting themselves a little or a lot.

If tickled in the same area for too long your body gets used to the feeling and after a while, it is not ticklish and you become immune to the touch.

To change frequently to different parts of the body keeps the tickle sensation much more alive but do be careful where you tickle as it can trigger a fitting sensation on rare occasions.

Although, tickling yourself is impossible because the brain is too clever. The brain will not tell your body part that you’re going to tickle yourself but if someone else is tickling you you won’t know where and when it is going to happen.

So then when it happens the brain will send that trigger to tell you to react in a certain way.

Now touching a body part EG: the back can be very sensitive. When giving a massage to your partner, running your hands of the area can turn into tickling without you even trying.

If they are extra relaxed then their nerve ends can be brought closer to the surface of their skin which will make them much more sensitive to your touch.

So whoever your touching and teasing be kind to them as without you realising it can turn into a tickle in a split second.

The body is an amazing but comic thing sometimes but very enjoyable if you’re in the right frame of mind.

If you are interested in a tickle torture or massage session contact me and we can converse more on the topic…