Doesn’t matter what age you are, an exquisitely dress female in a pair of stockings and high heels will always turn heads when entering the room or walking down a street.To really stand out of the crowd she has to be dressed just right.

Her seams on her stockings should always be lined up correctly, parallel from her ankle to the back of her thighs and the tops should be at the same height on each leg (not that you will ever see them because your too much of a gentleman to ask or mention it).

Even though they are not seen but a wondering eye, she knows and that’s what makes the difference in her stature. looking on point makes you always feel good and that’s what on lookers notice.

Now heels to walk in are a skill in their own right. It takes practice and if she can take every step without effort then you know she was born wearing stiletto’s.

As they say “Some can and some cant” and if you can then you have made it in life.

All I can say is “Respect ladies that can walk comfortably in sky scrapper heels because they should come with a special licence.

I love a nice pair of stockings in all colours and styles but a good old fashioned wide top stocking wins me over every time.

So do contact me and lets discuss stockings and heels. I will look forward to hearing from you.




14 Feb 2019
February 14, 2019

Respect All Latex Lovers……….


Northampton Mistress

When an individual has a latex crush it is a unique fetish that is hard to find a Mistress that has an equally crush.

The reason being is that for one thing good quality latex outfits are very expensive and the second it takes practice to get into some of the tight fitting body suits/leggings/tights/dresses.

So when you approach a Mistress that is into latex like yourself don’t be put off when she says there is an extra charge for a latex appointment or even a PVC appointment because she has her reasons (as I explained before).

All in all Latex is a wonderful niche to get into as it brings so much joy when used in the right way.

So do contact me as I always do look forward to hearing from all you kinky latex and PVC lovers……..