20 Mar 2020
March 20, 2020

I Never Thought I Would Do This…

Friday 20th March 2020

Daily Blog NO.110.
As we are in these uncertain times of the virus pandemic where there is shortage of toilet paper and restrictions on certain items in the supermarkets I never thought I would be forced to do this…

I have always been stocked up on a lot of items in my cupboards over the years as I have been known to be a weak will buyer.

On everything not just house hold items. So stop this I bulk buy, I have done for ages.

Wow, Times Have Got Tough

Accumulate items that I will always need so I don’t run our of them, toilet rolls and wet wipes have been the 2 top priority items.

I have still got a very healthy stock of wet wipes but to stop me running out too soon I have decided to wash out the ones I use for myself and then use them again for myself.

They will be normal tissues 2nd time around as the moisture would be rinsed out but they are still surprisingly soft.

Any that I use on clients will be thrown away for hygienic reasons. The less I use on myself the more there are for clients when I have appointments.

If you had said to me 6 months ago “Times will get difficult and there will be no more wet wipes to buy and I will be forced to wash out my used wet wipes to use again” I would of laughed in your face.

Unfortunately times have got to that point. Not that I am that low on money but there literally aren’t any wet wipes to buy anywhere

It does make you think, when things get better we would have learnt to be more thrifty with our money so if this happens again we will be ready in advance. This was said on the last recession.

It seems from the news update tonight that all the pubs, bars, cafes, restaurants, theatres and gyms ect should close tonight until further notice to stop the spread amongst us.

Also i saw on my laptop news that a guy was arrested because he refused to self isolate. That’s what they should do to Keith Lemon as he is known to be infected with the Coronavirus and he was photographed by a reporter sitting in a pub having a pint.

People like that is who we should be scared of. They don’t care about anyone but themselves.

I was also watching a YouTube video about the guy that was researching Sars back in 2002 and now he has been researching deep into the Coronavirus since 2019.

He said that it was about 10 years ago that the last recession was upon us. So now every 10 years we are all going to expect a recession.

So when things get back to normal whenever that is, we should all stock pile on shopping so we have at least 3 months worth of toiletries , toilet rolls and wet wipes so we never run out.

Its not expensive, not the way I do it. Buy it in bits and pieces and before you know it you will have enough toilet rolls to make a single bed out of and enough wet wipes to wipe all the babies in the world,lol

So these times are here to test us for sure and we will come out of the other end wiser on how to stock pile our shopping.

I say over time as we don’t want to get to greedy as the elderly need shopping items also.

I maybe talking light hearted about this Coronavirus but I am very concerned about everyone health,wealth and every day lifestyle.

If we fret and worry about it it will bring our immune system low and then we will be susceptible to catching anything that comes our way.

It just shows you that it only need one thing to muck up our way of life for everything to fall apart. Snowball effect…