10 Feb 2020
February 10, 2020

Definition Of Pain…

Monday 10th February 2020

Daily Blog NO.72.
What is pain? everyone has their own theory of what pain is but it has so many definitions that not one is right or wrong.

If your finger hurts because you have hit it with the hammer instead of the nail, that’s pain.

If you have had a long run and you have over-exerted yourself and your muscles are completely exhausted of all strength, that’s pain.

Pain is all in the mind!

If you’re with a mistress and she ties you to the bench and strikes your bare bottom with her cane or whip either of them will give 2 different types of pain.

They will hurt because your brain is telling you that the area that has had the impact is in need of TLC and its time to stop otherwise it will cause more injury than necessary.

Pain can also be pleasurable. It can take you into a state of utopia and then your mind goes into a subspace that you crave for in need of destressing.

We also need to be careful as our mind can play tricks on us and give us great after pain for a longer time than we care to want…

If you care to have pleasurable pain inflicted on you stressed body contact me and we can converse so more.