Saturday 7th March 2020

Daily Blog Extra
When looking online one day I came across a n article that a mistress had wrote about selling her used items. The most popular things were stockings and panties.

So the question I asked myself was ‘Why buy used items when new ones are a cheaper?’.

The conclusion I came to was that the sent of a female that you are drawn towards to is so much more attractive than a regular used item.

Well Worn Mistress Stockings

The thought that she has been working hard in the stockings. The odour that she will be produced whilst she has her feet in the shoes will be perspiring thermions that will soak into the sole of the nylons.

That is what will get you all hot under the collar and will make your trousers move in such a way that they will feel tight very quickly.

May be its ladies panties that you like. Cotton, lacey, silky or mesh material.

Full, midi, mini or thong, what is your turn on? Your imagination runs wild thinking of her lady parts moving around on them as she walks and goes about her day.

Tiny Well Worn Panties

The longer she’s in them the more of an aroma of her busy day will soil them. You long to have the scent of her in your nostrils so it an send signals to parts of you that you need to touch.

The sociology of why the scent of a female is such a must is that it is a customised reason for the individual.

We are all different and we like what we like. There is a reason for everything but for some of us we don’t why we like something until we delve deeper into our sub consciousness and toye with the emotion that will tell us the reason why.

So if you would like a used item from Mistress Lucy then contact me and we can converse further on what your need is requiring…