04 Dec 2021
December 4, 2021

D Is For Dwarfism…

Saturday 4th December 2021

Blog No.142/ Blogmas No.4

When I was thinking about today’s letter of the alphabet I didn’t want to do an obvious one like domination or dogging. As yes they are fetish even though they are a big world in their own niche.

So I choose Dwarfism. It could be a controversial subject but I will do my best to be politically correct. I know a little about it but the research I did was amusing in some places and yet interesting.

29/11/21 – Looking down is my only option otherwise I won’t see you…

When I first started in the industry I met a smaller-than-average chap. I have met a few shorter guys over the years but this guy I remember 14 years on.
I did have (back then) on my list of interests, wrestling. He had contacted me and mentioned a few of his likes and dislikes (as I normally ask for every client). I agreed as his requests were to my liking.
I had mentioned that he was shorter in height but I didn’t take much notice. I don’t judge anyone on what they look like. As long as you are polite and healthy that is all that matters to me. We agreed on a date and time and waited for that day to arrive.
When I heard a ring on my bell at the time of his appointment I opened the front door, stood behind it, and waited for him to walk in. 
I was shocked at first but if I had looked out of my spy hole in my front door I would not have seen him. He described himself as vertically challenged. He said it with a snigger and that made me feel a lot more comfortable as I didn’t want to offend him with my initial facial expression when greeting him.
He was a down-to-earth type of guy (excuse the pun) and it helped our time together flow much more smoothly.
Although he was a small guy he was still of a good weight. I went to the gym then but didn’t do many upper body strength exercises. Only what I felt comfortable with.
I managed to hold him in some restriction moves and locks but that was only because he did not resist and try to get out of them. Which I was thankful for. 
When a client would contact me about wrestling fetish I would tell them my rules so they would know what I am happy with. It was a great session.
I didn’t have another appointment with him as I soon after decided not to offer wrestling due to my back. Even little moves would play havoc with it. So I thought it best to cross that fetish off my list.
To many vertically challenged people they can make it work for them and make a very good living from it. Actors/actress nightclub mascots, kissagrams, etc
There is also the other side of the health issues that I have read about as well. It’s not nice but many have learnt how to deal with it.
Not all short people have a great time as there are some cruel people in this world that shout abuse etc to them with no reason to.
I always think you were born this way for a reason so make the most of it. Life would be boring if we all look and built the same.
As one of my mottos mentions ‘You only have one life, so don’t waste it. This includes ‘it doesn’t matter what you look like, we all have our own personal worries’
If you have a wrestling fetish it’s probably best not to contact me but if you have a FETISH that you think I would be accommodating with then do CONTACT ME.
Take care in all you do sweetie, stay safe, and talk soon in my next blog.