Friday 3rd January 2020

Daily Blog NO.34
Fetishes come in all weird and wonderful ways and when someone requests they want to lick the soles of my oldest battered up slippers that are ready for the bin, then I say ok. They may as well give someone some pleasure instead of chucking them out.

Very Old And Worn Slippers

No one can actually say why they like the taste of the wear and tear of everywhere I have walked in my old slippers but they just do.

I don’t just stay inside, I also go out in the garden when I need to put my leftover fruit peels in the compost bin or up the garden to do some other things.

So as you can imagine what type of wear and tear of my paving slabs have had from my cats and the neighbourhoods cats  (as I’m very friendly with all animals) will be going into your mouth.

Delicious Dirty Bottom Of My Old Slippers

So if you asked me what’s on the bottom of my old slippers I couldn’t tell you apart from everything nasty.

So that in mind if you pick up some problem that you have to go to the doctors about its not down to me as I haven’t made you lick the bottom of my dirty slippers, you requested to do so.

Isn’t a fetish life a wonderful thing to be in!?

So if you’re into anything like the topic I just spoke about, contact me and we can converse further on the matter.

I will look forward to hearing from you…