28 Oct 2018
October 28, 2018

Anal Play Is For Everyone

Now to some this blog may not be for everyone but I think that everyone needs a bit of anal play in their life. If not for pleasure but for medical health.

I am no ordinary Mistress. I have a reason for doing what I do. I care about my clients in more ways then one.

Over the years of being in the dominatrix industry I have grown to love certain niches more than others. Giving Anal Play to my clients is one of the enjoyed fetishes.  It can be a range of stages like introducing the subject to a new client who has never experienced anything anal apart from using it the obvious way (exit only if you get my drift) to someone that has been in the scene for years and loves to be double fisted up to the elbow and wants more.

Whenever a new client comes to me I always ask the question “Do you or have you experienced any pain in your bottom recently or in the past? If they say no then i continue to give an internal check to make sure everything is healthy (in a sensual way not a doctor and patient way if you know what I mean) as not everyone inspects their own anal regularly. If they say yes then I briefly ask what is wrong. Although i am not a trained doctor I don’t want to hinder any discomfort if something is wrong.

I have been described as the Anal Seducer before which made me snigger to myself but in a way it is true.

I like to be very hygienic in all that I do so this is my hygiene routine before I start any anal play:

  • I decide on what toys we are going to use if any and put them on the unit.
  • Then get out 2 pairs of gloves, a tube of KY Lubrication, 2 condoms (for the toys), wet wipes, sensitive talcum powder and a black plastic mini bag for the rubbish.
  • I then go and wash my hand with hot soapy water and use a nail brush to go over my nails, front and back of hands (i have washed my hands before you arrived but i like to do all of this in front of you so you can see my hygiene routine). I wipe my hands on a fresh hand towel whilst walking back to you.
  • I will then place a pair of silicone free gloves on and take the toys to give them a rinse over of the hot water to freshen them up (they are placed in a sink full of boiling water after every use). This why i prefer silicone dildos as to toys that have several components to them as germs can get trapped in creases. With silicone it is made with one mould and there are no places germs can hide from emerging the item into the boiling water.
  • When bringing the dildos back to our play area I will leave them to dry naturally with out wiping them as that puts germs back onto them again.
  • I will then go over my gloves with a wet wipe to freshen them up.
  • I will ask you to lay on your front on my professional massage/bdsm couch soI can freshen your bottom and hole up with a wet wipe etc…
  • If you haven’t already trimmed your body hair I will advice you to do so as less hair is easier to keep you body parts cleaner much easily.
  • After I have wet wiped you I will place them into the plastic bag and pick up the talcum powder and sprinkle some around your cheeks arse hole and balls. This is because when you have talc on your skin it makes your area much more smooth and sensitive to glide my hands over it to relax your nervous body.
  • When you are much more relaxed to start the anal play only then will I proceed.

So as you can see I take my appointments very seriously even if it is more of a normal booking i stick to my rules every time.

I never am forceful with anything that is inserted (even in an extreme session) what ever level we are playing at it always has to be enjoyable in any occasion. I am always clean and tidy (hence the plastic mini bag for wipes, condoms and gloves ect). That is just the way I am.

The Anal Seducer aims to seduce you to satisfaction ever time.

So what are you waiting for contact me and let me cure you constipation lol

Look forward to receiving your enquiry