Monday 24th February 2020

Daily Blog NO.86
Over my 10 year career in the adult industry I have been walking a journey to find the real me and who I’m happy being.

The only way of finding out is by living in the persona and customising it to your every need.

I can finally say that I am very happy with who I am now and feel confident enough to elaborate and move forward in the steps I have planed for me.

If you are a less confident person and want to change but don’t know how then do as I did if it pleases you.

I sat in front of a mirror one day and just looked at myself. I didn’t just look at what was looing back at me but I took a good hard look deep into my eyes to see what the true me looked like.

To do this you have to dig deep in to your sole and find out what makes you happy and what makes you sad. What your doing at this present time and what you want to happen in the near and far future.

It might sound deep but to make a foundation for your future you have to make a sturdy foundation for it to progress.

Just like if you want to grow a fruit tree that you want to grow strong and sturdy. You then have to plant it in compatible earth and feed it well otherwise it will have no hope of flushing over the coming years.

So whatever you look like, even if you feel that you don’t fit in to the community you want to be know in, there are ways and means and answers to every question.

MOTO TO THE BLOG: Be Happy In Your Own Skin, Accept You For Who You Are Then Everyone Else Will Warm To You And Business Will Flourish.

If you need help in anything that you are hoping to progress in or even if you are lost and need some guidance contact me and if I can help you I will.

I will look forward to receiving your inquiries.