22 Feb 2020
February 22, 2020

Broadening My Horizon…

Saturday 22nd February 2020

Daily Blog NO.84.
When one has been in a industry this long your always looking at adding and doing different things as time goes by. I have worked hard to get where i am today and that actually means sacrificing alot of things in a vanilla life style.

I’m not saying that i have had a sheltered life in this industry, far from it as if I wasn’t enjoying it I would be going into a different profession straight away.

I am mentioning this because I feel i need to have a bit more fun than what I am having now.

So I have decided to offer a hands on service that will pleasure you by pleasuring me.

Now don’t get any funny ideas as this does not include personal services as I do not do that.

I have never allowed anyone to touch me in the previous appointments because they have been Mistress sessions as subs and slaves are not allowed to touch their Mistress like their imagination wishes them to as that is very disrespectful.

I am  offering an appointment service where you are allowed to massage me but you will stay fully clothed. Whether you are aroused or not it is totally down to you but until I say, you will stay fully clothed.

This will test your manners and respect for your Mistress. As you will be visiting me in a professional role play manner and it is down to me to guide the scenario as I please.

Your role in this appointment will be as follows:

I have contacted you because my beauty therapist has recommended you for home visits.

When you arrive keep in your mind, as if you are a self employed massage therapist and if you do a good job then it will be another client to add to you weekly customer basis.

As you enter my front door you offer me an a business card to show your identity (this will be an envelope that will have the £150.00 in it. This will cover anything from 1 hour to 2-3 hours long what ever time you have to spare. I like to be pampered, so longer the better if I am enjoying myself).

As I remove my clothing to get onto the massage table you excuse yourself to the bathroom out of politeness to overt your eyes, as you would with any other female client. (I will have all the necessary towels and lotion/oil etc ready before you turn up.)

Even though you haven’t been to the toilet please wash your hands ready for my massage. I am o.t.t on hygiene when I perform a massage on a client myself so I would like to be treated the same.

When you decide to come back into the room I will be laid face down under a large towel. This is to keep your imagination thinking and also to keep my body warm.

Whilst your folding down the towel from my shoulders you ask if I would like lotion or oil for my massage. I will give you my reply and then you may start by massaging my shoulders and neck area.

Don’t worry if you are not that good as any massage is better than nothing (I say that in the politest way).

I will be in panties but no top. I do allow a massage technique on my chest but in a way that is relaxing and soothing. I am not guaranteeing any further activity but If you have earnt you reward then maybe….

Please be discreet and polite whilst massaging mistresses body as don’t forget I am your mistress…

Please contact me and quote ‘Mistresses Personal Massage’ when inquiring about this service.