03 Feb 2020
February 3, 2020

Controling You Being From A Far…

Monday 3rd February

Daily Blog NO.65.
To be controlled by a partner or boss is completely different to be controlled by a mistress.

Some people don’t like to meet so they choose to keep in contact online with them eg: webcam,  WhatsApp or skype etc. It’s more convenient for lack of time and to longer distance from the mistress in most cases.

To be told what to do by a mistress from afar is very appealing and humiliating in the same experience.

There are a few ways that long-distance mistress relationships can work. Manipulation or it can be called domination but depending on the situation and scenario.

To be taken over physically and mentally takes a special kind of person that is a very strong mind but will to submit their whole world to this one mistress that they adore.

An arrangement is set up between the mistress and the sub slave. A weekly tribute is paid into her bank account and for that tribute, he will be able to receive tasks every day to complete and regular contact either by text or phone call.

To be told what to do to this type of person is very thrilling to him because he is the type of sub that always has to have someone to impress.

If you are this type of person and would like to have a long-distance mistress contact me and we can talk about the arrangement.

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