12 Dec 2019
December 12, 2019

Corporal Punishment at its finest…..

Thursday 12th December

Postmas NO.12.
When I was a child to get a ruler across the palm of the hand for back chatting the teacher was a common punishment. Before then you would receive the cane if you were naughty.

Your Be Lucky To Feel The Strike Of Cane Boy…

Now in modern-day times, it has become an acquired fetish. As I say “it’s like marmite, you either love it or hate it”.

Life would be boring if everyone was the same and to be unique like everyone is we all have our own customized quirky fetishes.

All fetishes steam from somewhere. It could be from childhood or an experience you have just encountered in your past.

Corporal punishment is somewhat pain most would say only for punishment, if need be.

Yet others love the sting of the cane as a powerful looking mistress raises her arm in the air to bring it down to strike the bare cheek of your quivering bottom.

See This Crop… Well, You Will Feel It Soon If You Disrespect me.

Depending on what you’re being reprimanded for is dependant on the implement that is about to be used.

Cane, Crop, Whip, Straps, Spanker, or hand they are all collectively used for Corporal Punishment.

Now I would like to show you images of my experience but this is not acceptable on free, open websites.

So I will do my best to find some acceptable photography that I can use.

Levels 1 to 3 of Corporal Punishment is used internationally but where ever you may go to experience this it will always be administered in so many different ways.

Each mistress is completely different, EG: you request 4 mistresses to perform 10 strikes of the cane.

Studded Wooden Spanker… Oh What Fun

You give no rules and leave them to do as they please and how they do it you will never know until the first strike.

First of all, to say to a mistress to have free reign in corporal punishment is dangerous and secondly, you have not requested which cane she can use.

Each type of cane has a different feeling when used, for the mistress and sub.

When deciding on a mistress for your chosen fetish always do your homework on her beforehand.

As it can be a costly mistake to your wallet if you don’t.

So if you feel your bottom is in need of a tingling sensation then contact me and we can converse further into the matter.