07 Jan 2020
January 7, 2020

Corsets and Breathe Control…..

Tuesday 7th January 2020

Daily Blog NO.38.
Now from the title, you may think this is 2 different fetishes combined…well it is but not as you think.

Black PVC Heavily Boned Corset

When being dressed into a corset your thoughts go blank as to how you feel when laced up to your best possible shape.

If it is your first time and you are a novice to the boned beauty you then you really don’t know what to expect. Only that women’s shapes look amazing in a corset and it will be a miracle for yourself to look equally as good.

Well think again, This corset invention has been around for a while and there’s a reason for that. It may make you learn to be aware of how you can breathe whilst wearing it or stop you from sitting down in your regular way but the most popular reason it’s so successful is that it gives you that hourglass shape that makes clothes fit divinely whether your male or female.

When choosing a corset for your body shape be sure to fit the right one. As they come in all different lengths and sizes.

Sinched Waist Of A Heavily Boned Corset

If you have a long or short torso then make sure on either that the bottom of the metal clasps come to your pubic area.

If not then whatever you squeeze in around your waist will be pushed out to the nearest opening. No one likes an overhanging fat pubic area, now do we!!

If it overflows over the top then hey that can be manipulated into a bra. Saves using boob implants. Natural is always best and also feels the best.

I used to get the right size for my natural shape but it never used to pull me in as tight as I want it to. So the next time I bought a corset I went for the size smaller.

O.M.G it sinches my waist in perfectly and although I’m not mega shapely, as I have progressed through my years my body has slimmed-down naturally with the change of eating.

So if you think you have no hope then don’t knock sweetie it til you try it…You might like it.

If you would like to be fitted into one of my corsets or go corset shopping then contact me and we can converse further