Tuesday 14th January 2020

Daily Blog NO.45.
Through the decade’s denim has been popular with all ages and walks of life because it is hard-wearing and versatile.
Only recently has faux leather become more popular because of the vegan trend and animal rights etc

Grey Ripped Denim Jeans

Although the denim fetish has been in peoples minds for forever and a day, men and women can equal look as good as one another.

The fetish has grown more with men’s fantasies of shapely, curvy women in tight stretch jeans or cut down jean shorts that hugs their figure in all the right places.

Denim has been very popular in all items of clothing smart or casual or even mixed in the desired way that the individual cares to wear it.

Faux Leather Corset And Pencil Skirt

The faux leather is much more of a stretch fabric than real leather. If you are in-between sizes you can sometimes get away with the smaller size out of the two to fit you that bit more snuggly.

Although you can get almost anything and everything in the denim and faux leather some times it is better to make your own items if you have the skill.

At least then you know that you can make what your heart desires in the size and fit that you like.

Depends on where you purchase your items is depending on the difference in size guides.

Many countries have there own sizing chart because of the popular shape of the nationality of person.

If denim or faux leather fetish is on your list of many fetishes then contact me and we can converse some more and put it all into reality.