13 Feb 2020
February 13, 2020

Different is Individually Perfect…

Thursday13th February 2020

Daily Blog NO.75.
What people like is not always the same. Just like why should everyone go with the flow of how everyone else looks.
I love to be different. Different is perfect to me. I don’t like being the center of attention but just to be me and be who I am comfortable with is the ideal way we should all be like.

As you have noticed I have been having a journey with my hair and what I like it to look like lately.

Since I have been old enough to be able to decide on my own look of the style I have always had a different hairstyle every hair cut.

Hair is the sign of being healthy,i have choose to cut mine because it grows to fast

Since I have been in the adult industry I have been much bolder with my hair or lack of it.

I have been a bit sheepish about going too short because of my age but age is just a number and I really don’t feel like my age, far from it. So what the heck lol

At the weekend, I took the top to a no.2 and the sides to a 1/2 blend. I have been looking at it for the last couple of days thinking “why am I not happy with it? There’s something that doesn’t look quite right.”

So today I contacted a friend as I couldn’t do what I wanted to be done and he could. I said to him when he turned up “just shave it all off completely. I have a well-shaped head and no scars so it will look great” so he did.

Wowee… it’s fantastic, A bit chilly in this weather but I can wear a hat for now and I have a white scalp (i will have to go on the sunbed a bit more to get it tanned lol)

I understand its not everyone’s cup of tea but I can wear wigs of all colors and styles.

I have shaved my hair off for the fetish look for my fetish photography and videos. The Images have come out amazing…

So if you like my new look or don’t then do please let me know as I appreciate feedback in all aspects.

Look forward to hearing from you…