07 Dec 2019
December 7, 2019

Do Not Say A Word, I Am In Control Now…

Saturday 7th December

Postmas NO.7.
Too many people handing over control to a female for 5 minutes let alone 5 hours can seem like torture and not in a good way or to others it can be all they ever live for.
Silent sessions are a powerful sub-space where to be put into a hood or a mask and told not to speak until the mistress says, can double or even triple the intensity of your imagination.

Mild or Extreme, your in the same subspace in your imagination either way

The Darkness clears your mind and takes you to where ever you want to go. With each touch of the mistress’s hand, you are absorbed by her power and you can only be on edge to wonder what she is going to do next.

Time is endless when incarcerated. You have no sense of how long you’re in there for.

Your only thought is ‘i don’t want this to stop’ as this new feeling she has introduced to you is nothing like you have experienced before.

How long your body and mind can take this feeling is a great surprise to you. As she takes you on a roller coaster of emotions. Edging you to the brink of exploding but just before you do she takes 1 step back and calms you down.

This can not be done many times as then you will go past the feeling of being overwhelmed and it will not give you the end result you deserve.

How Far Can Your Subspace Take You?

Then again, edging performed by an experienced mistress will make you shake and quiver throughout your whole body at the end and make you think “what the heck happened there?!”.

At a truly powerful ending you will need 5-10 minutes even before you move to sit up off the BDSM Table. If you move to fast you will get a light-headed feeling that could make you feel dizzy.

If you find a mistress with heavenly hands stick with her as who knows what your next experience will be like under her control.

If you would like to experience a silent session or anything else that gets you imagination wondering contact me and we can converse about wondering minds in more depth.