16 Jan 2020
January 16, 2020

Dont Be Shy If Your Small…..

Thursday 16th January 2020

Daily Blog NO.47.
DISCLAIMER: As the topic of today’s blog is of people I have not had contact with this means I have not had permission to post photography of them. So please use your imagination this time, thank you.

We are all born with defects in one or another. A lopsided finger or a 3rd nipple etc but if its a defect that is much more obvious then learn to embrace it if it is something that can not easily change.

People that have dwarfism can work for them in such a unique way it can conquer their career as well as their whole life in such a positive way.

If you learn to love the way you are put together whichever way that might be then other people will learn to love you more.

There are many actors that are successful but only of a couple that are a prime example as the first I can think of has been in many films since 1983 and even before that but my research only goes that far back.

Warwick Davis who was born in 1970 and at 50 years old has been in Harry Potter, Star Wars which are the recent films and then Labyrinth with the late great David Bowie in 1986.

Although his height is 3ft 6inches he has become a very successful man. A very famous face that when you see you would say “Where do I know him from?”.

Another well know face is Vernon Troye. We may not know these people as in their name but when you see them you will recognize them from 1 or 2 films that you may have had a great and funny experience watching them.

Vernon Troye stands at 2 ft 8 inches. He is mostly known for working alone side Mike Myers in Austin Powers – Gold Member as Mini-Me a film I really enjoyed for its slack-stick humor.

These are only a couple of the successful little people that have loved themselves for being created in such a unique and wonderful way for a very special reason. To enjoy life and entertain the way that makes them happy.

Photography and Video Extras…

If you are or know anyone that is willing and open-minded to be in mild or extreme fetish photography/videos that are under 4ft then please contact me and let me know.

Also if you are a small person who is looking for a mistress to dominate you contact me and we can converse more…