21 Feb 2020
February 21, 2020

Fetish Photography With A Difference…

Friday 21st Febuary 2020
Daily Blog NO.83.
When you see an image of a subject you look at it but don’t always really look it properly. If it attracts you because the model has hardly nothing on you may look it up and down to get that naughty feeling but hardly ever to look at the depth of atmosphere that the whole image is showing you.


To look really appreiate the effort that has gone into the care of the photograph you really have to take time to imagine what is happening in the mind of the model when the image was taken.

The story line that the model is tryin to protray to you the observer could be one of many but as the onlooker you need to make you mind up on that subject.

This is why even though the photographer is trying to get one statement across to you, it all depends on what frame of mind your in when viewing the image is.

The photography I have decided to take part in from now on is very different from your have been seeing me in. It is something that I have been thinking of doing for a while but it just being in the right frame of mind and choosing the right time to express my expertise to you all.

You may look at me completely different but it is just another phase I am adding to my career. I love anything to do with photography. So taking images in a different way is exciting and enthralling at the same time. Also even more adventurous with me being the model/one of the models…