Saturday 11th June 2022

Blog No.168


When I first decided to have an online business I never would have thought it would have been this stressful and brain-busting. I am very much a manual type of person. Sitting down and using the back office part of my brain has never been my strong point, until now.

I have done loads of homework before I made the decision to begin putting my plan into action. In January 2020 I started thinking very seriously about my career because of the pandemic. Coming into contact with my appointments and putting myself at risk every time I meet a stranger was worrying me to the extent of only doing online work and slowly steering away from physical appointments.

I sat down with my business partner and spoke my mind to see what he would do. He recommended not to give up on appointments, well not yet. carry on with them but test before meeting each one. Then when business picks up and it covers my earnings then I can think about what to do about appointments.

Well, we are now in June and unfortunately, it has taken this long to iron out all the creases and problems has had. So although I did all the hyping up of the website last year, I can honestly say it was a slow start.

So I will be blogging about items that I will be selling on there so you can get an insight as to why these items are used and things that you can use them with.

Some people that are very vanilla/straight-laced do not know about the fetish industry until they are told about it or explained about certain things.

So much fun to be had in every which way. If you would like to know more about whatever you wish then Contact me and we can converse in whatever form you feel comfortable.

Take care in all you do and don’t be silly, be safe.