28 Oct 2018
October 28, 2018

First Time Visiting A New Mistress

When a client contacts me for a special niche they are particularly looking for it shows to me that you have been looking for a long time. Searching through the internet over many mistresses to find that one special goddess to devoted their spare time to.
Doesn’t matter what their individual fetish or niche is, what matters is that the connection between Mistress and sub is a happy connection in all ways.

To introduce a client into a new Mistress’s world has to be done sympathetically at first. Whether they are new to the scene or have been in it for years it doesn’t matter; everyone is like a frightened bunny in the head lights on a first meeting. Then if they request a more extreme experience only then the Mistress has the go ahead to test their pain and experience level to the utmost. Starting like a bull in a china shop will only give pain to the individual of frighten them off for good.

So if you have had great sessions or been put off of the experience because you have bad meetings in the past contact me and let me know. As the saying goes if you don’t try your never know.

Looking forward to receiving your enquiry.