26 Dec 2019
December 26, 2019

Had To Many Mince Pies Over Christmas?…

Thursday 26th December 2019

Daily Blog NO.26.
As I sit here eating my overnight oats with my laptop in front of me and the back door open as it is so warm for this time of year (8 degrees) I wonder…What is a Traditional Christmas?

We only take someone’s word for saying what it should/would/could be like. We do not all have a traditional family like the media say we have.

Overnight Oats, Yummy

I personally think Christmas day and every day should be just how we want it to be…and I do.

As like anyone knows that has visited me I have 6 cats. They are like my children as I don’t have any of my own.

They are very well behaved and mainly go out but I put them out when I have guests/clients.

It was just me and the cats yesterday. I’m not saying this to feel down as I’m totally the opposite. I really enjoy my own company. I can do as I please when I please.

Yes, Christmas is a time for families when you want to be around them. I don’t, as for personal reasons I choose not to be.

I find it is a time for catching up on jobs around the house and online correspondence that I haven’t had time for when taking appointments.

I went to Tescos and got my goodies on Christmas eve eve that I enjoy and nibbled on them in moderation throughout the festive time.

Festive Treats

Why people buy their food for Christmas day as if its going out of fashion I don’t know. The shops are only closed for 1 day.

They were fighting over the rotten birds (apparently Tescos, Aldi, Lidls and Morrison’s poultry were rotten and smelling when people opened the plastic packaging to cook them for their dinner. Ruined Christmas they were saying but if they had a vegan Christmas dinner they wouldn’t have that problem. Tradition again, just like sheep following what should be).

It was as if they were feeding the 5000 the amount they were had in their trolleys. I had to laugh as I pondered around the isles with my basket for one.

Mince pies are my weakness, no they weren’t vegan but as I say I am 80%ish vegan and now was a time to treat myself to what I felt I would like.

I have learnt to eat in moderation. For one thing, my taste buds are more sensitive to highly flavoured products (as I mentioned in a previous blog). As before I could quite easily polish off the whole 12 mini mince pies. Now I can only have 3 at a time.

For those who do have a sweet tooth not to worry I have many corsets in different sizes so I’m sure I can lace you up and make you look 3 sizes smaller. No promise but I will try.

Although it is supposed to be 12 days before and after Christmas your meant to have your tree and decorations up (as I say I’m not a traditionalist) I have taken mine down already.

I do like Christmas but if you overload on decorations it looks so bare when you take it down.

I was very minimalistic with a few lights dotted around the house for the atmosphere of festivity and a small real tree in my cloakroom.

It was enough to not make the house feel naked when everything is taken down…

Boxing Day… Why is this day called so?

Grab It While Its There…

Well, I like the meaning of it this day. It has an appropriate meaning for me. As Google mentions ‘Traditionally, it is a day off for servants. They would receive their gift boxes from their Masters but in my case Mistress.

So to all of you servants, I am going to give you a £50 voucher.

This can be used on 90-minute (normally £150) or longer visiting appointment


40 minute or longer Skype or Whatsapp Video Call.

It does not apply in conjunction with any other offer I have in place.

It starts on 27th December and expires on 31st December (which is the last day you can use it).

Please mention this offer when Contacting Me about a booking.

Quick now, you don’t want to miss it out…