13 Feb 2019
February 13, 2019

Hairdressing has its kinks…….

Now Mr Normal who goes to his regular hairdressers for his every 4 weeks trim will not think anything of it but to Mr KInky he absolutely loves his trip to the barbers. He has a cape fetish that is going to get him in trouble one day.

He always has a pretty young thing cut his hair and that is what makes the monthly trip that much more enjoyable.

The touch of her hand when she runs her slender fingers through his hair to feel the way his hair wants to sit. When she accidently brushes against his shoulder or hand as she moves around his chair really gets his pulse racing. He has to control himself unfortunately he thinks because it is a public place in view of many younger eyes.

I have been in the beauty industry for 30 years and have combined it with the adult industry for the past 1-2 years

Since then it has been a very popular service. To find a Mistress that is a Qualified Professional Hairdresser that produces a high standard/excellent haircut and offers bdsm skills in the same appointment is very difficult to find.

Having the 2 services mixed is very arousing in many ways. Being tied to the hairdressing chair with leather cuffs and knowing that the stylist could at any point be a little bit rough and dominant with you is sexy but very kinky in a taboo type of way.

The raciest thing a normal barber would say to you is “Something for the weekend sir?”.

So don’t be shy, I’m here for all you naughty kinkster’s that need a powerful and strict woman to give you your monthly haircut and put you in your place at the same time. So I will look forward to hearing from you….what ever your naughty hairdressing kink maybe.

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