25 Dec 2019
December 25, 2019


Wednesday 25th December

Postmas Blog NO.25.
Well, these last 24 days of Postmas Blogs have been very interesting I must say. Its has shown me what I actually do as a Mistress is more of an art than just laying my hands to massage, pulling on a pair of latex gloves to investigate your anal canal and caning a bare bottom with a few strikes of my wrist.

To be a Mistress it takes the experience of a certain aged female who’s been in this industry for many years for a sub/slave to take any notice of and respect highly.

Christmas Day Surprise

So I am going to make this a daily Blog from now on so you can get to know me better and read how my mind works and why.

It will be good for regular friends and clients to up to date with my going on. Also, potential clients and admirers to read a little about me from afar before making the decision to contact me.

As I know a lot of you are far away from me and are unable to visit Northampton where I am based.

Most of all I really enjoy putting my experience down for you all to read.

From the feedback, I have received so far you have said that you look forward to my daily blogs and seeing what topic I will choose for that day to talk about.

I like being spontaneous and keeping you on your toes. I will never be predictable. So you will never know what I am going to blog about next unless it is a request from one of you.

So here’s to many more blogs of interesting kinky and fetish-like topics.

Hope you’ve had a great day my little subs and slaves and you got all you deserve. Whatever it is, naughty or nice.

The surprise is the enjoyment…