Well as you may of read about the doctors role play I am now offering Dental Surgery Appointments.
Have you ever been to the dentist and your sitting laid back in the chair with your mouth wide open and she starts asking you questions and she expects you to answer them lol well they all do it.
Maybe you have had an experience where the dentist has been attracted to you and started flirting with you.
Now your in the chair helpless and venerable. She touches your shoulder and whispers in your ear through her cotton mask ” don’t worry sir I don’t bite”. This gets your mind wondering ‘Holy shit what the heck is she going to do??????’ but on the other hand you have noticed she has been look you up and down. So maybe this could be interesting.
She leans in closer to take a better look in your mouth. Her perfume smells good which makes your trousers move. She then says “I will have to give you some pain relief for this sir but everything will be fine don’t worry” So she puts a mask on your mouth for a few seconds to ease you into wooseness.
From then on you cant move as you have realised its a drug that makes you helpless (this is role play I don’t give you any drugs).
You are very much out of it from then on but you can feel what she does to you.
I will let your imagination run wild from there……….I wonder what the Naughty Dentist does to you!!!!!!!!!Look forward to hearing from you.