04 Jan 2020
January 4, 2020

Heel Training At Its Best…

Saturday 4th January 2020

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Stiletto Shoes on a female are amazing to observe as she walks past you in the street, clicking the heels on the pavement and letting everyone know that she has arrived.

For a guy that has not experienced slipping his foot into a gorgeous well put together female shoe, he would just take advantage of the situation and think nothing of it.

A Black Shiny Stiletto Shoe Matched With Sheer, Black, Seamed Stockings

To be a woman is harder than you think. Many females wear what they please and don’t really look in the mirror when putting their outfit together for the day.

This shows in their persona for sure as you can guarantee nothing goes together as well as she thinks it does when picking it from her wardrobe.

The fit of the outfit gives you the right mindset to choose the correct footwear. Choosing the wrong footwear with the outfit can make an expensive garment look like an item from the 99p shop.

So when you have an opportunity to feel the inside of a ladies shoe with your feet appreciate what we have to go through to look this good.

Latex Photography Shoot

As to walk in stilettos,  let alone put them on is a skill in its own. Just like Stockings, If you have sharp nails and big clumsy ways you are going to ladder and ruin them.

A shoe may feel tight when you first put it on as most of the men’s shoes are wider fitting to the female kind. Once your foot is in the moulded work of art then it will adapt if its the right size for you.

When I wear a heeled shoe it normally has to be a size bigger for the instep to appreciate my foot shape. Even I have a process I need to go through when I get dressed with heels.

I am a flat shoe/boot type of gal. I never have been a heels female. Some ladies go to the office or whatever job that they have and are able to stand and walk around for 10 hours a day and think nothing of it.

Strappy Black Sandals With Sheer Black Stockings

When this happens they are unable to be comfortable in flat footwear as their calf muscle shrinks with the incline of the heels they put their dainty feet through.

So to wear both heels and flat shoes/boots in different parts of the day is much better for your feet and calves.

To be trained in heels it takes time. You have to adapt to the way your body is forced to walk differently to the way you would when in flat shoes.

When your guy you walk with comfort and your toe to heel routine comes naturally but when in heels if you do the same procedure it does produce the same unique walk.

Its the case of having to think more about your whole stature. The curvature of your spin as being propped up on 5-inch heels moves your alinement of your spine pushing your torso forward.

To keep upright you have to think about the alignment of the joints of your knees and hips, your spine, keeping your shoulders back and your head upright.

Black Zip Effect Thigh Length Boots

As I say, to see an attractive woman who is put together well in appearance, stature and dressed in Stiletto works of art and being able to keep her cool in walking with confidence deserves a reward for life.

Many a time I should think you have seen ladies out on a girls night out walking like pregnant ducks trying to look fantastic in their sparkly heels for the whole night.

A good percentage of women will walk home with their shoes in their hands as they cant take the pain of the pressure on the balls of feet and knuckle joints.

So if you see a photograph of me in heels and you request me to wear them for your appointment I will more than likely I (f they are higher than I can feel comfortable in) change into them and wear them for a short amount of time while you worship them as I sit on my throne (barbers chair).

If you have a tendency to like to walk in female shoes or would like to try then contact me and we can converse much more…