17 Feb 2021
February 17, 2021

How Things Can Change So Quickly…

Wednesday 17th February 2021

Blog No.132.
Well let me start by apologizing for the lack of blogging on here lately, In the past month or so I have had a turnaround with mistress Lucy. Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere, I will still be here as I was before but I have expanded business in a big way.

16/02/21 – Red Leather Corset

As you know I have been a big lover of corsets and stockings for a long time now (as many of you are in one way or another as well). I may not have worn them very much in the past but I will be in the future.

Ever since I have started in the industry I have grown to involve my own personal fetishes in my appointments and some more than others.

I have tried to build websites in the past but always have come to a brick wall that I can’t get past. I now have found out that if you don’t spend money you don’t get anywhere in the website industry.

It all started when I had an email around 2 months ago from yet another cowboy website company. I get lots of them because of this website being in the cyber net world. Once you’re out there everyone gravitates to you wanting to sell their business.

I was at that time when I was in a light-hearted mood so I replied to say “Well what can you do for me?” expecting the claptrap speel that is normally said when replied.

Instead, I received a call a few days later from a lovely gentleman introducing himself in a way that appealed to my ear.

He wasn’t sell, sell but very much wanted to know why I wanted to build a website and what subject on.

To tell you the truth I think he was a little intrigued by my mistressing skills but that for me to presume as I’m sure he wouldn’t say.

Well, long story short… He helped me in such a way that I really feel I have the knowledge to complete a very appealing website to your everyone’s fetishes.

I can’t thank Prem @Bosscatwebdesign  enough for the way he handled my requests. He really listened to my points of view and my continuous chat as I do go on a bit when I’m passionate about a topic.

So basically what he did for me (that could help you also if you’re interested) is he started me off on a home page on the website of my choice (meaning my domain name) and guided me in the right direction to video tutorials that would build me a website through my fingers and brain (what computer basic brain I have got). If I can do it trust anyone can.

There are some start-up costs:

  • Domain Name
  • Web Hosting
  • Security for the website
  • Video tutorials

I think that was it, I may have missed a couple of things but trust me it’s all worth it. I am not telling you to sell it but if something is working for me I will want to talk about it.

No problem if it’s not for you but I thought you would like to know what is happening in Mistress Lucy’s life right now.

So you are probably wondering what this new website is going to be all about…..Well, it is going to be the answer to all your dreams.

As anyone knows in anything you have to start off small before you can expand into something that will blow your mind.

It is a fetish website that you can buy all that your heart desires. Now as I say starting of small that means 2 or 3 niches to begin with then i will add to them as the website becomes more established.

I’m starting off with corsets and stockings with lingerie. Although corsets are an over-clothing garment they are very much an underclothing garment as well.

I am looking into cross-dressing friendly sizing making panties etc to your requirements. I know myself being different sizes throughout my life that the sizing matrix out in the world differs from one country to another.

So my i may not go for sizes like small, medium or large, etc but to something that will not make anyone’s size continuous at all but you will learn to love the size, shape, and height that you are.

Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

I am really excited about this to start for you all as it will be a technicolor world of total fabulousness and glorify that you never have experienced before.

When I have everything ready for launch day I will have a grand opening blog and it will be all across my social media.

So follow me on my social media links below and you can follow the journey of Lucys Fetish Closet from a small business to well, i don’t know how big it will get. We will have to wait and see.

Do contact me anytime and say hi and I will reply asap. Take care and keep smiling…