Saturday 28th December

Daily Blog NO.28.
I always like to learn in whatever I am doing. I have looked for a while now for PVC Shiny items EG:  Aprons and hairdressing capes but they always are in the plastic PVC that is cheap looking dull material.

So I looked online and found a company that I can buy the shiny PVC material by the meter, perfect I said to myself.

Amazon Tribute Gift

As I saw the website I thought ‘I need to learn how to use a sewing machine first’. Practice makes perfect as the saying goes.

So first I went onto good old Amazon to look for an appropriate sewing machine. Found one.

Then I went onto YouTube to see what training videos there are on there. Found them.

So I ordered the sewing machine with a tribute Amazon gift voucher I was kindly given before Christmas and it was delivered today. 1-day delivery.

Now all I have to do is practice first and make the desired items I want, Fantastic….

Stay in touch as to how I  progress in my skills. I am an amateur so I have to learn the basics first but a PVC black apron can’t be that difficult…we shall see.