13 Dec 2021
December 13, 2021

M is for Massage…

Monday 13th December 2021

Blog No.151/ Blogmas No.13

To many, a massage can mean one of two things, a seedy happy ending massage down the local parlor or a regular above board massage in the beauty salon. 

Understanding Massage…

Mistress Lucy’s BDSM Massage

Little do people understand about massage that it can be an inner or out-of-body experience if performed by the right therapist. The therapist can be anyone that can do massage to a professional standard. Even if she be a mistress or dominatrix.
Connection Between The Two People Involved…
The connection between the two people involved should have an understanding before the session starts. Boundaries are different for each person. One may require a straight forward massage with no ending and another may be requiring a tantric massage where the sensitivity starts from the first time the therapist will lay her hands on you. You do not want to get the two mixed up for fear of offending the client.
Anyone Can Try Massage…
Anyone can try massaging their partner that they are with but whether they are any good or not, is the question. If you do not enjoy what you are doing then it will show within the movements of your hands. This is one activity, amongst many others that will show your lack of interaction or love of the interaction immediately you lay your hands on the partner/client.
Improve On Your Skills…

Mistress Lucy’s BDSM Massage

To either ask for help or do classes on massage is a definite benefit if you are wanting to impress your loved one. It could become part of your job or what you are doing now if you want it to.
I have definitely found it is a big benefit in the services that I offer. It has taught me how to tell the difference between a soft and heavy-handed touch. If you are requiring a soft and heavy-handed touch laid on your hard-worked body then CONTACT ME and we can discuss your requirements.
Do Not Offend Me Before Reading…
Please read my fetish list before letting me know your requirements as you don’t want to offend me before we have even had any communication.
For those who don’t comprehend what I have just said it means… For all you seedy-minded guys that think it’s a massage with a quickie as an end result, it is not as I DO NOT OFFER  PERSONAL SERVICES.
I will look forward to any of the polite and well-mannered gentlemen reading this blogmas.