29 Dec 2019
December 29, 2019

Massage With A Difference….Or Is It?

Sunday 29th December

Daily Blog NO.29.
I am going to test your mind with this blog. So there will be no images just text. It will get your imagination working…..

Over the years I have experienced many types of massages in beauty salons. I understand everyone that has a trade has to go to college or learn through a course of some sort. If you are only in that trade to make money then It shows in the way you perform your skill.

I have been in the beauty industry for 30 years or more now and the trade I choose was Hairdressing.

I went to college in South London in a small salon in Catford. The course included massage as a combination beauty course.

There were a few of us in the college but only 4 of us were left at the end that completed the NVQ Certificate.

So when I have a massage I know what’s right and wrong in certain types of techniques.

Over the years I have tried to perfect what I think is an ideal setting for a relaxing atmospheric massage.

The temperature, scent of the room, lighting and music. All of these have to be correct. If one is off then it ruins it completely.

Everyone is different and may not agree with me but I am just doing what I think I would like. I always treat clients how I would like to be treated in that circumstance.

When a client comes to me for a massage I always put the heating on at a comfortable temperature and then either put it up or down to their preference.

I have soft comfortable blankets and a relaxing mattress topper that I put on my massage table in case they decide on one or the other or both.

I do my utmost to make that person feel as comfortable as they possibly can.

The music is soft to the ear with nature tunes in the background so you can leave your personal life at the front door when you arrive and then pick it back up when leaving.

I like to look at all my clients as friends. You’re not coming to me only for a service but a friendly chat and catch up to end with a relaxing massage if you know what I mean.

For massage therapists that don’t put their all into each massage, the client can easily tell.

Reason being that the client is not feeling relaxed enough to ignore their surroundings and instead they are thinking more on wanting it to end very quickly.

I do offer combination massages including BDSM and hairdressing if you that’s what you require.

If you would like to have a massage that you can forget your surroundings and relax into your own little world whilst having your troubles soothed away with my heavenly hands (so I’ve been told) then contact me and we can converse more in-depth about what you have read to become reality.

I will look forward to receiving your inquiry by email, text or call.