Saturday 25th January 2020

Daily Blog NO.56.
Well, I am glad to say I am feeling a lot better than I did Thursday evening.
After experiencing how I felt yesterday I don’t think I have been that ill for a good couple of years or more.

With all the vitamins in my fruit, veg and salad how on earth can any germ or virus get through to me.

A First Aid Kit Ready For Anything

With the way the weather is these days, freezing then cold then warm, then cold, then warm how are we suppose to keep 100% healthy and battle off everything that attacks our immune system.

Unfortunately, when I went to my first aid drawer in my bathroom yesterday hoping that I had bought some lemsip etc all I managed to find was 4 lemsip cold and flu tablets and some paracetamol.

At least the lemsip capsules worked a bit. I now have been shopping today and stocked up on everything from Immodium to antiseptic wipes and plasters.

Even deep freeze and deep heat. So watch out, don’t annoy me otherwise your be receiving one of those whilst you blindfolded in your BDSM session.

Well as I am back to normal now with a sniffy nose and a tickly cough I have things to catch up on.

If you would like to book an appointment with me then I will be back to booking appointments in from Monday onwards.

I will look forward to you contacting me at your convenience… – For more risky videos and photography that are not allowed on here