When it come to specialist niches one has to be experienced and knowledgeable about that niche other wise it can cause serious damage to the client that is receiving it.
Now the advertised niches in this blog may not be to everyone’s liking but it can not be down with just any old boots.
I like to search for the right type of boots that will give satisfaction to the receiver.
Don’t be mistaken that if ball busting is performed bare footed it will be softer. It all depends on the mistress giving the impact and how much power is put into the swing of her foot.
Every stroke with the foot whether it be bare foot or steel toe capped boots can be just as dangerous as the next.
Now Trampling is a totally different niche but can be as equally as damaging if performed incorrectly.
When visiting a mistress for this niche some clients like a weighty mistress as they like the crushing feeling but if you a skinny client with not a lot of meat on your bones and your mistress is 20 stone that means you are definitely heading to A & E seconds after the session has started.
So when thinking about these niches do a bit of home work on the mistress and get the stature and experience right first and don’t just go by the look of her unless you like hospital food.
All niches are fun and interesting when you find the right mistress to experience them with.
I am 5 Foot 10 inches and weigh 11.5 stone and a size. So if you think I am the mistress for you please do contact me and we can converse from there