17 Aug 2019
August 17, 2019

New Barbers Chair…

When looking for new furniture to refurbish my entertainment floor I am very particular in what I get.
It can take me a fair while to find the pieces but when I do, I know that they are the one for sure.
I’ve been looking for the right look of barbers chair for ages. I saw a few but was not 100% sure about them.
I saw one that was so gorgeous that I could not get it out of my mind but it was near to £1000 and when spending that type of money I have to know if it’s really the perfect piece.
When I looked into the measurements I found that it was far too small to accommodate my arrange of clients and their needs.
So when I went back to my chair list that I had put together over the past months, I worked out which barbers chair ticked all my requirement boxes.
Now as you see the one I choose was even more perfect than the £1000 chair and this was a fraction of the price.
Cost is not a factor to me but whether the product serves everything I need to do with the item is the most important priority.
When it arrived I was really happy as it came in separate pieces in 2 boxes.
One of the things I do take into mind when purchasing any piece of furniture for the upper floor is how do I carry it up there.
As most clients will know I don’t like to ask for help if I can do it myself. Carrying heavy large objects is not wise to attempt it on my own (due to a weak back) but I do what I can.
So now the chair is in place and ready to use the services I offer that include the barber’s chair will be much better accommodated.
So do contact me with anything you would like to ask about your requirements and hopefully we will meet at so time in the near future.
Look forward to receiving your requests……