11 Dec 2019
December 11, 2019

New Look For Mistress, If You Would Like It…

Wednesday 11th December 2019

Postmas NO.11.
As like the last postmas blog this theme is very much the same but slightly different.
I do like dressing my maids up to the best they can possibly look but I also like having different looks myself.

A MIstress Not To Annoy. Behold If You Do…..

When I was a young gal I had gorgeous hair that I would grow into a bob and take pride in maintaining it to the best of my ability.

It always shone in the sunlight and everyone would admire it from near and far.

As the years pass by and my hair ideas began to change I decided to take it to shorter lengths.

Ever since then I have always dreamt of having the same length hair again but never had the patience to grow it.

I love the buzz of the clippers when they run over my skull and at the nape of my neck. It’s such a fantastic feeling. A bit like G.I.Jane (for those who remember that film).

So when I became more interested in the transformation of men to women I started my search for that ideal wig that I could put on when I felt in need of longer hair That gave me that same feeling of my real hair.

Strict and Sexy At The Same Time…I Think!!!!

At last, I have found a  human hair wig in my colour. My natural shade of colour has grown lighter over the years but I still like what I have found.

It is a dark brown with a reddish tone which is what my natural colour is or was. Although the wigs look black in the image.

As soon as Amazon delivered it to me I quickly unwrapped it and put it on. I wasn’t sure at first as stored in a bag it was all crumpled and misshaped but once I had moved the parting from center to a side parting, wet and styled it I was very happy with it.

What do you think? Do let me know by email or text is fine.

Do remember…….It is a wig and my natural hair (for those who prefer me with shorter hair) is always going to be in a short style.

There are many wigs that I have got that I can also wear of all different lengths and colours.

Some in natural shades and some in wild and brightly wacky colours. I a strict Mistress but I do have an adventurous side to me.

I May Look Softer But Try Me, I Dare You……

So if you do see something you like me in (that I will be modeling at some stage in the near future in photos on here) and would like me to wear for your session. Then let me know.

Wigs are not just 30 seconds put on. The ones I have are lace frontals (which means the lace mesh hairline is gelled down to the skin to look very realistic). So it takes me around 30 – 60 minutes to get ready with a wig.

I am really into my transformation makeup now as so I can do amazing shades of eyeshadow to match the wig.

Do keep an eye out for my photography updates in the near future.

I will look forward to all your hopefully kind comments on my different looks……..