Thursday 9th July 2020

Blog No.119.

Everyone has a personal opinion of when it is going to ending and when normality is going to begin again but when it will happen is a confusion to you as well as me at the moment.

Nice To Be Back

With the Super Saturday passing last weekend and people showing their stupidity of congregating in large groups or even packed streets (eg: London as being one of them) just for a pint it is not going to be any time soon that rules will change and let us get on with our lives the way we sensibly can.

When you think about it…everything is more expensive when going out to pubs and restaurants any way. Money is tight in so many different ways now that we all have to be careful even if you are in a job that work is ongoing.

So for idiots that are self ignorant and decide to pick a fight with someone for no reason just spoils it for all of us, ending in the pubs will close again.

Open For Kinksters And All

Alcohol can be a sensible thing to consume but to a big percentage it is the route to all evil (just like money but that’s a different blog if I decide to make it)

When it has come down to what I have been thinking about over the last 4-5 months (wow has it been that long) is ‘Money is not everything’.

I am going to look at quality of time with my clients than trying to get as much money out of them as possible (like some industry workers).

My tribute rates will be 4 prices and nothing more and nothing less. there are as follows:

  • 1 hour = £100
  • 1.5 hours = £150
  • 2 or more hours = £200
  • Over night stay = £500 (i will explain more on this subject a bit later in the blog)

If you are able to tribute gift more than the above prices then that is down to you but I will not expect more.

A Mistress Bench With A Difference

These are tough times and I am very grateful for my clients that visit me. If we help each other then life will be a much happier place.

The renovations that I have done have been jobs that I could not do whilst taking appointments in previous months.

I have added a few things and refurbished a few other things but all in all everything looks fantastic to what have expected.

There are a few things I still need to do but that will come in time when I have the spare money.


I have had a few clients in the past ask me about over night stays. I haven’t been able to accommodate because I have not had anywhere to put them.

They have visited me for a session and then when left me gone onto their hotel because they are traveling through my area to a further

Luxury And Comfort For Sure

destination for work etc..

So I thought that why leave and go to a boring hotel with 4 walls and a bed when you can stay in a comfy 100% memory foam mattress bed and be teased by the decoration of my Mistress Studio.

As you can see from the photos I have taken you will have a spacious shower/toilet area, well equipped kitchen area, and a double bed with a mattress that is so comfortable you will have trouble getting up in the morning.

Equipped For Comfort

I have came to the amount of £500 so you can have a lengthy session of what you would like to do (massage, BDSM or combination etc) and then a meal (if you require anything specific you’ll need to let me know before had so i can get it in) and then a shower before a good night sleep.

Now if on the other hand your a kinksters that likes to be tied to the bed for the night or act out your fantasy of being a female for the time your with me then it can be arranged. Just mention you requirements in your inquiry and we can converse about it in detail.

I know there are some of you extreme kinksters that like to be locked away in mistresses cage for the night so your confined, restricted and not seen. That also can be arranged. Let me know of any aliments or past injuries you have so I know you will come out of the cage all ok apart from aching and satisfied with your fantasy.

So all that has been said I am very excited to start my appointments again and have fun in all ways that a mistress like to. I will look forward to receiving your requests. By all means email or text me so we can follow up with a phone call if you statistics are to my liking.