19 Dec 2021
December 19, 2021

S is for Sadism…

Sunday 19th December 2021

Blog No.157/ Blogmas No.19

Tonight I am going to enjoy this fetish as I am this fetish. It is part of what I do and i enjoy doing it. To accept becoming a sadist Mistress you have to know the different levels of pain.

What is Pain?…

So…What Are You Waiting For?

The definition of pain is totally down to the individual. To one person it can mean getting a tiny splinter and to another, it can mean taking a hard beating at a corporal punishment session.

What do I like about being a sadist?…

The feeling of being in control is what I love about my sessions. Guiding the level of pain at certain times so I can take the sub on a rollercoaster of a journey. Increasing the intensity whether it is electrics, vibration, or touch. The feeling that travels through the subs body is what makes me thrive at that particular time. I don’t plan anything. This is why I am happy that I have got to my level of  profession that I can change on the spare of the moment what I do. If I plan a session in my head then the client changes his mind or the body language guides me in a different direction I have no choice but to go that way. 
Are You A Masochist Who Is In Search Of A Sadist To Control You Levels Of Pain?
If so CONTACT ME  and we can converse and see what type of pain I can inflict on you… Pleasurable pain obviously.