16 Feb 2020
February 16, 2020

Shabari Japenese Rope Art is Beautiful…

Sunday 16th February 2020

Daily Blog No.78.
We all like to be tied up in playtime in one way or another. Whether it be with a silk scarf or metal handcuffs but when it comes down to rope this is a different art form altogether.

16/02/20 – Bright Red Rope Ankle Gauntlet

The Japenese art form, Shabari has developed as far back as the year 1400. It was commonly known as Hojo-Jutsu or Kinbaku (meaning light binding) which the police would use to restrain prisoners just like the modern handcuffs that are used nowadays.

Whereas some like to be heavily restricted or lightly restrained Shabari is effective and can be very beautiful if tied in certain ways. In time with practice, it can be very enjoyable once learnt how to manipulate a length of rope around your slave/partner.

16/02/20 – Twisted rope Body Brace

To drape the tightly woven silk/cotton plait around their limbs in such a way that enhances their limbs to look fascinating to the eye is a skill in itself. Whether you suspend them or tie them into a position that is a benefit to yourself it is fun in every way.

Multi-colored rope in different textures can add excitement to the visual outcome in so many different ways but do take into consideration of the person’s skin and allergic reactions. Pain is fun in some ways but not all.

If you would like a session on this topic contact me but please take into consideration that I have the only just started in the past year learning this art form. I am not yet at the Square knot corset/spiders web or dragonfly stage yet all though they are very beautiful and will be there asap as soon as I get spare time in my busy schedule to practice.

As they say ‘Practice makes perfect…