18 Dec 2019
December 18, 2019

Short Hair Fetish…….

Wednesday 18th December 2019

Postmas Blog NO.18.
The Hair Fetish has been around since the year dot but is only brought to people’s notice when a mistress offers that service openly.
Since I have noticed the inquiries I have been getting for some time have been because I have short hair.

Each appointment can vary from domination because they like my look or giving me a head massage to have the opportunity to feel my hair.

Old Fashioned Barber

Either way, I am happy as short hair always falls back into place when finished being touched.

A woman’s hair can show a lot about her personality. Many females are frightened to cut too much off their hair because they feel it is their strength and to cut it would turn the opposite sex off them.

All I say is if your with a partner that only likes you for your hair and not you then your with the wrong person.

I am just me in general. No airs and graces and if a client thinks my look is too butch or masculine for them then, no worries just pass on by and thank you for taking the time to look at my website or profile.

Short Hair Can Make The Outfit/Uniform

Power is in confidence and if you don’t feel confident with short hair then don’t have it.

The reason I particularly like short hair on me is that I feel it suits my features and it is so much better and easier to handle.

I used to have long hair when I was younger but now I don’t have the patience to grow it.

That is why I love wigs or all colour and style. I can wake up one day and feel like being a black bob style or another day a blonde, style.

Isn’t the freedom to do as you please with your style amazing???

If you feel the need to be in the presence of a short-haired Mistress then contact me and we can converse some more…….