Friday 6th March 2020

Daily Blog Extra
As I have mentioned before in a previous blog (before 1st December when I got serious about blogging), I can not express gratitude with a starring role in a blog to everyone that has gifted me as their so many of you but I will every now and again do a blog like this and collectively say ‘Thank You’.
As then it show you how much I appreciate your kindness towards me

I do love being pampered and have tribute gifts sent to me through the post. The element of surprise really makes my day.

I also appreciate it when you arrive with gifts to you appointment. It does put you in my good books right from the start.

Today was lovely in a way. Unfortunately I had 2 cancelations, this mornings appointment and Monday mornings appointment.

Both were due to work rearrangements but out of the kindness of their hearts and respect to their mistress they tribute their appointment fee any way.

I am very grateful when this happens because it shows what type of person they are. This also keeps the opportunity to reschedule for another time.

When building a relationship with your mistress you have to work at respect from her and cushioning the journey with each step that she takes goes along way.

Just cancelling and leaving it ln thin air is not keeping you in my good books. It may even end in me cancelling you out of my phone book all together.

So to all clients that have cancelled and not offered a cushioning tribute for letting me down be very careful how you inquiry about another appointment.

Also my appointment that I did have this afternoon was very kind to bring me lunch and a lovely pair of leatherette trousers from |Next that fitted perfectly.

Thank you Mr X, you know who you are sweetie.

So I will bid you all good night as this is in the early hours of the morning (another late night) and I will look forward to receiving all you inquiries when you contact me.