Thursday 9th January 2020

Daily Blog NO.40

When you thinking of BDSM, tie and tease you can be physically or mentally tied. The idea of being restricted is not great to some people and fantastic to others. We all have preferences in everything.

Black Leather Ankle Cuffs

When taking part in a T&T session to explore all aspects of the fetish is much more fun than following what everyone else seems to do.

To be tied, held or told not to move can all have the same effect on your mind when you open your imagination.

The items used in a T & T session can be soft japenes rope, silk scarf or on the extreme side normal rope, metal old school handcuffs or chains.

The most popular is leather handcuffs as they don’t mark and they go well in a dungeon theme fantasy.

Its totally up to you what you want the theme of your fantasy to be because when you have that blindfold on you can be where ever you wish…

If you are into this fetish or any other fetish then contact me and we can converse some more…