I take appointments all the time but when I have a truly wonderful appointment I can’t help but blog about it.

If the client prefers to be anonymous then that’s fine but today my client is fine for me to blog in full about our day.

Today started very early. 6 am to be exact. That’s when I woke and got myself ready for 7:30 am appointment.

Transformation Code Kathy

The reason it was so early is that we had so much to fit in. He is not from the midlands and its a 3-hour drive to me. So once a month he visits me. We have to fit in as much as we can.

He is one of my sissy maids that is truly loyal to his mistress. He has been with me for 13 months and in that time has transformed his body in a way that can be only shown to me gratitude towards me for being his mistress.

His torso has shrunk in a way that his maid’s outfit that he first came to me with now slips on very nicely. Without a puff and pant and holding the belly in physically with a corset.

He has lost a whopping 26 inches all over his body but mainly off his waist. Going from a 55-inch waist to 46 inches.

When I guide someone to help them improve their healthy eating lifestyle I also encourage them to do whatever exercise they enjoy doing.

Falsing someone to do something they don’t like will be a short-lived journey.

We started with some shopping for his new shirt and trousers for Christmas day. The jeans he was wearing were far too big for him now and really did make him look like a sack of potatoes (saying that in the nicest way). The belt that was holding him together was struggling and worn out.

Mistress Waiting Impatiently For her Coffee And Cake

He didn’t look scruffy, far from it but just needed the right size clothing to make him look and feel much confident in himself.

If you wear big and bag clothes it has a resemblance to how you hold yourself when you walk.

Trust me it works and true to my word as soon as he tried on the clothes the sparkle in his eye appeared.

When we go shopping like a true sissy maid he always walks 2-3 steps behind me.

Sometimes when I go to talk to him I forget he’s not at my side and it looks like I’m talking to myself. Quite funny really.

So after we looked for the clothes we went for a coffee at Costa. It was to perk us up as I don’t eat generally when I first wake but a few hours

Christmas Costa Coffee And Brownie

later my stomach needs that boost of energy to tide me over for a while.

As a good maid, he carried the tray over to me as I sat and waited impatiently for our order to be put together. When I’m in need of a pick me up I want it now and don’t want to wait.

I said to Kevan as we enjoyed your sugar infusion of a brownie “next time we come out for shopping you will be fully dressed as Kathy. No more Kevan carrying my bags. Always Kathy from now on.”

He looked at me in excitement but also in a nervous way as he has never been in public as Kathy.

When we got back to my house and after he had laid out my shopping on the kitchen island I told him to go upstairs to get undressed and sit in my barber’s chair where he was going to have a short hair cut as his own natural hair was too unruly to grow any further.

Comments were pasted at the day job that he needed to get it cut and smarted up, although it was a warehouse and he was not seen by the public.

Long Hair Is Not For Kevan

I agreed as really the thickness of his hair is difficult to flatten when putting on the balding cap for preparation of his maid’s wig.

We have tried different ways of under wig preparation. Some ways looked good but didn’t feel comfortable and others felt comfortable but showed when the wig was installed. Today we got it just right which made all the difference.

When her wig was put on it felt just like Kathy’s own hair than ever before.

That’s the beauty of the right way and wrong way of wig installing.

We also had a change with her make up. Many drag queens plaster the makeup on to hide 5 o’clock shadows and manly features but we weren’t trying to make her look completely different as she had beautiful natural features already.

So we put a minimal amount of foundation ect so it would enhance what she had already. Lovely eyes and poutable lips.

Calendar Girl December 2019

The worse thing about makeup if it’s too thick is when you itch your nose or check and it makes a mark in your flawless appearance.

When we had completed her hair and makeup we continued to her outfit.

Well…….This was a lovely shock to the situation. As I mentioned before, weight loss comes with many amazing benefits. Her old maids outfit for one.

Kathy, The Shy School Girl

She slipped it over her panties, no corset as I wanted to see how her waist reduction was looking naturally.

Even she was shocked at how much better it fitted. I said to her “See I promised you a transformation that you will be proud of and now you can see I am true to my word”

The photoshoot came out lovely as you can see. We had a few different outfits and I picked the best photos out to show you.

Kathy is a truly amazing person in herself. To stick to a healthier lifestyle has now paid off. Not just in self-confidence but in better fitting clothes that aren’t held up with braces.

If you would like a transformation like Kathy in a customized way for yourself contact me and we can converse further…..