28 Feb 2020
February 28, 2020

What An Amazing Week I Have Had…

Friday 28th February 2020

Daily Blog NO.90.
Like every month that I have been in the industry I am always busy 2-3 weeks and the 3rd week is where money is tight and clients are then waiting for pay day to come around again.

It has taken me a while to work this out but when you realise this pattern is a regular thing every month then you have to know how to handle your money out etc…

I have a lot less stress these days when the phone doesn’t ringing because I know it will next week. I gives me more of an opportunity to catch p on the list of things that accumulates on the busy weeks.

So this week has been a fabulously busy week to my liking. Considering that the beginning of the month I always pay my bills so they are out of the way.

So when the end of the month comes around like this week it means I can afford to have a self indulgent shopping spread of the things I need or want.

So I decided to spruce up my finger and toe nails and buy some different varnishes and bits and pieces as I have had quiet a few foot and hand fetish clients contact me.

As my nails have not been in good shape or what I would like them to be I have said no and turned them away or said not at the moment.

As soon as they are looking the way I want to I will let you know so all you nail kinksters can have you wicked way with my beautiful hands and feet.

I also got some new items of clothing and underwear for my dress up wardrobe for all you cross dressers. Collecting different sizes in the underwear, clothing and footwear is very costly so I have to do it on a monthly bases.

The collection is getting there but still need some more larger sizes in footwear to add as it is difficult to purchase anything higher than a 10 in a male/female shoe and if you can get it it is way over a average price.

Its all good but as I say budget is a much unless I win the lottery. Finger’s crossed everyone.