08 Feb 2020
February 8, 2020

What Mistress Lucy Does To Spice Things Up…

Saturday 8th February 2020

Daily Blog Extra
I like taking videos but have been into photography much more for some time now.

At times when I’m taking photos of people’s feet etc covered in custard, I wonder what it would feel like to be in front of the camera for some fetish images of my own.

So in the near future, you will be seeing some of my work on my only fans profile. This is only going to be for only fans as It will not be suitable for here.

When producing fetish photography with the body involved it can only be for subscription websites to stop underage looking at things they shouldn’t be.

I know they find ways around it but I have to abide by certain rules when having an adult natured website myself.

So if you would like to see what I look like dressed accordingly to the fetish shoot then take a look at www.onlyfans.com/mistresslucylew 

There will be teasers out on Instagram and twitter but not of the whole photograph so I can keep you guessing in a playful way.

The subscription is £15.99 per month and at that price, you will be able to see all my videos and photography that I choose to put on there.

It is the only place you will be able to see my up to date fetish photography as I will not be uploading it anywhere else on the internet.

I will still upload some content (suitably chosen) apart from my blogs here but not as much as I used to because of the nature of what I would like to upload in the future.

For any more information please contact me and we can converse some more on the topic…